We love this latest research finding!!!  Our good friends, the Border Collie, known for their intelligence and herding abilities have been used to keep seagulls from landing on beaches.

That’s because gull droppings are known to be a source of E.coli bacteria! And this has led to the closure of beaches in many parts of the world, including the UK.

Researchers from Central Michigan University found that Border Collies may be an effective weapon against E.coli infections.

So I love chasing seagulls and I am intelligent enough – maybe I should be running on the beaches too!IMG_3500 IMG_3499

Read more about this research findings on BBC News

May’s comment: Hooray! for our four-legged friends. They can once again proved to be of help to humanity.  They should never have banned dogs from the beaches to begin with! But reading further on, there’s also of course the fear that dogs could then be spreading the bacteria if they answer nature’s call on the beaches. Well, then it’s really up to the owners to be responsible.


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