Our Daily Comb

High maintenance me!

Mummy bought a new comb so she can be sure I am matt-free. She goes through my hair every evening before we go to bed.

The legs are the ones that often has the matt – especially under the arm pits.

IMG_6945 And my chest too IMG_6947 My right earIMG_6954 And then my left earIMG_6960

I don’t mind her doing this as I know it’ll be better for when I go to the groomers – they won’t have to struggle with any matts and I will be better off for it.

May’s comment: Love this comb I bought. Combing her everyday just gets rid of any matts – so it all becomes easier when she goes to the groomers and also easier everyday when comb her. She’s very compliant and sits so still – I think mainly because she’s not matted, the combing doesn’t hurt her.photo-201

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