Son Serra Beach Memoirs

Oh no! I see water ahead of us! The beach? img_6438You mean we travelled for two days to go to the beach?!?!?! But I don’t like the beach.

I guess I don’t have a say in any of this.  I’ll just follow you guys.img_6497Oh no, now what?  I have to go down these steps?img_6443 I had a think before I gingerly made my way down img_6494And decided to just make a run for itimg_6444Thankfully, Manuela was at the bottom waiting for meimg_6442 It took me a little while before I ventured to check out the sand.img_6492 And another while before I went a little furtherimg_6493But never close to the water.

Mummy said we should go for a walk – img_6547She knows I am afraid of the water so we didn’t walk too close to the edge.

I was glad when Mummy decided to sit down. We sat together and had a conversation about life and the universe
img_6475Manuela joined us and together, we three looked out at the sea and the cloud formation –img_6459Thankfully Mummy and Manuela decided they were hungry and we left the beach to have lunch.

May’s comment: At Son Serra de Marina img_6548Love this photo of George and I – we both have “flying ears”img_6651And head tilted in the same way. LOL!

The last time Manuela and I walked on a beach together was six years ago in Kenya – an amazing friend who was there when I needed someone to listen and to be there.  img_6490-2

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