It was all worth it!

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! We have arrived! No more car rides, no more planes and trains and everything that moves on wheels.

I can run and run I did. I ran up the drivewayimg_6409and ran on the back lawnimg_6392Amongst the olive treesimg_6425and I ran amongst the flowersimg_6427Can you see me?

And look at those grass!img_6413 It was something I had not seen so I decided to make claim of them.img_6498 And when all that running got me thirsty, I took a drink at the fountain in the courtyardimg_6432I then chased and got frightened by the curtains in the windimg_6420I did stop to smell the scents of this placeimg_6389I ran close to the pool but not anywhere near it where I could fall in.img_6393I rolled on the boule pit.img_6416And I ran and ran till the shadows became long.img_6421And it was time to go inside.

Believe it or not, I have been good. I ventured afield to look at things and I came back.  But I was still wearing jingle bells.

May’s comment: I have not seen a happier dog running along with the biggest grin on his face. He jumped out of the car and started doing his spins. He wasn’t sure of his whereabouts so he stuck close to me for all of five minutes before he went exploring the grounds.  And so much to explore.

In the evening when we sat outside on the porch, we heard sheep crying and dogs barking. There were all sorts of wild life out there in the dark. He wasn’t allowed off the leash. So he sat and growled at everything.

But so glad we made it. What a treat it is to spend time with an old friend in her beautiful home in Mallorca.  Looking forward to a few days of just being – with a friend and George.img_6426


  1. Ruth

    Wow amazing- how did u get there?

  2. Jill Keiser

    So glad George is enjoying the sights and sounds of Mallorca and is always coming back to Mummy!

  3. Martine davis


  4. Laura Cordovano


  5. Margaret Danks

    Awesome surroundings May. George must be in doggy raptures

  6. Elizabeth Burman

    Yay Georgie! What a great destination for a little dog. Enjoy your time exploring the surroundings, but remember when mummy calls you have to come back to her immediately!

  7. Sally Wright

    So lovely to hear your updates and see Georgecso happy and excited to have got there. Have a great time x

  8. Marley

    Absolutely wonderful George. I’m so impressed with your running.

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