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And a parteeee was had by all!

Thank you poos, pooches and humans who came to my birthday parteeee!

There were cupcakes from BarkersAnd the hoomans sang “Happy Birthday” to me!!!

Before every pooch got a cupcake.  And then the whole place seemed to be suddenly very still as every pooch was busy tackling the cupcakes! 

Today we were 24 – not all Cockapoos!

Left to Right: Mack, Maisie, Clementine, Ellie, Paris (spoodle), Jasper, Ted, Beans, Darcy, Rusty, Bobby, Stanley, George, Ralph (Bichon Frise cross), Bowie (Lhasapoo), Cookie, Fritz, Maddie (Cavalier King Charles), Lucca, Johnny, Bernie (a Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Yorkie cross – just like George!), Murphy.

Missing from photo: Violet, Leroy (Cavalier King Charles)

Our neighbour Maddie (Cavalier King Charles) came to our meet – her last day in London before she leaves for Oslo. We wanted to spend the last few hours we have together.

And the hoomans all fell in love with Bowie who is a Lhasapoo!He had fun but he was a little overwhelmed by the rambunctious poos!And this is the first time Beans made it after a year of trying! Aren’t you just gorgeous, Mr. Beans!This is Paris – she didn’t come from the city she was named after but instead she’s come all the way from Australia! She’s a spoodle, as they are known there.Note: she didn’t just come from Australia for the party! She just moved here!

And Ellie is also a first timer!

And these two guys – Fritz, a cockapoo and Bernie – amazingly is the same mix as George – Maltese, Shih-Tzu and Yorkshire terrier. Their combinations must be varied as they don’t look anything alike!

May’s comment: We are one crazy bunch of dog lovers – singing “Happy birthday” to a dog in a public park! Good sports!

Thank you Barkers for the amazing cupcakes – they were all consumed – every single one of them!

The next Hyde Park Meet will be the 26th March. Same time (11:00am), same place (behind the Serpentine Gallery). We won’t be there as George and I will be hobnobbing in New York and Darcy’s off on her own holiday!  But many poos will be there for a doodle dash.




  1. Elizabeth Burman

    What a wonderful party Miss D. I wish we could have been there Elsie would have loved it, especially the cupcakes!! I don’t know what’s crazy about singing Happy Birthday to your dog, it sounds pretty normal to me!

  2. jackie

    thank you so very much for having us and sharing the cup cakes!!
    Jackie and Ellie the cockapoo

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