Don’t be afraid, Jaffa, I’m here for you!

Jaffa doesn’t like going to the vet. She gets really nervous, but we had to go for various reasons – Jaffa needed to collect her passport and Mummy wanted Mr. Vet to look at Darcy – something she’s been concerned with.

So, we the Trio went to the vet!IMG_7554In we all went – and little Jaffa was so nervous, she was literally shaking and staying close to her mummyIMG_7555All Mr. Vet had to do was to make sure she’s ok, no jabs, nothing.IMG_7558 The minute she was put down on the floor she ran to the door wanting to leave and I went and sat with her, telling her I’m with her. IMG_7561I’m usually not afraid of the vet but maybe because Jaffa was so nervous, I was too.  So clever Mr. Vet came to give them both treats – so we will have good memories of being in his surgery.IMG_7562 And of course Darcy comes over almost immediately – what about me?!?!?!IMG_7563 So she did all her tricks to get treats.IMG_7559But Mummy was taken by surprise at how much weight Darcy had put on this past month – one whole Kg!!!! I think Mummy had felt so bad about not being there for us since early September due to her health that once we were altogether, she kept giving us treats that both Darcy and I have put on the extra weight. Well, I guess we’ll be going on a diet soon enough. 🙁

May’s comment: Following up on a previous visit, I wanted to be sure that little black spots that seems to have grown since our last visit wasn’t anything to be concerned with. The vet says it’s fat cells and it is a skin condition – there’s nothing one can do about it as it will probably just be little black spots on Darcy’s underbelly over time.  He didn’t give me the medical name but said he will text me later with it – apparently it’s a very long word!


  1. Julia

    Harry has these black spots too! I was told nothing to worry about. He’s also put on 1/2kg lol No more fatty meats for a while!!!

  2. James Glover

    What a smart coat George is wearing. I do like the colour!

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