Bouncing Dogs!

Look at me hopping around! This is what happens when we do a reed bed run!

At The House of Mutt – first day out after a long ride the day before.

May’s comment: Missing her like crazy – woke up this morning and when I stirred there was no one there to look at what I was doing. Strange feeling. But makes me so happy that she’s running around, hopping away with glee. Isn’t she the fastest?!?!?! And so funny watching the bygone lumbering around while the smaller ones look so much more agile.


  1. Gemmathedog

    I’m a great believer that us Cockapoos have special skills in organising team games. I also provide play therapy for dogs who need it.

  2. Judith Vogel

    That’s so adorable! Watching the bouncing dogs is hilarious! What a jolly time.
    What lucky dogs!
    Love from me and licks from Bennie

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