Getting into the thick of things

Already getting involved with local matters in Suffolk.

Here we are watching a rugby game at Langley School! Well, I was watching one game and H. is supporting the other.  At least I think I know what it is all about. If only they would let me go after the ball – bet I can run faster than any of them!

As for Mummy, she’s been in a plane all day and she told me she watched two movies that reminded her of me!  First it was Austenland – a fantasy land of all things Jane Austen – and of course Mr. Darcy is featured or implied. She said the line that resonated was – “it’s time to go for something real rather than make believe.” I just wanted to be sure she wasn’t referring to me!

IMG_2334Check out the sicker and bag – from Jane Austen’s Museum in Bath!

And then she watched “Behind the Candlelabra” and apparently had quite a few dogs. And there’s the poodle with eye problems.

IMG_2338So there she had a few things to remind her of me! 🙂

May’s comment: As if I needed anything to remind me of her – counting the hours before I go to pick her up! Happy to see she’s out an about while I’ve been in a plane all day. Finally arrived at hotel in Doha. Time for some shrimp biryani, hot bath and bed.

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