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I met my BFF before we were both one year of age. He was nine months and I was about three months old. He was visiting London and after a few weeks, he returned to Ko Samui before he turned one.

But the following year, Little Tyke was in London again – and this time he celebrated his second birthday in August 2012 – and we even watched the Olympics together!I was there to help him blow out his two candles. And I REALLY wanted that cupcake!

When Little Tyke turned three, he was in Ko Samui and I was in London – and Mummy went out there for his birthday.Mummy taught him to count with his fingers. This is one of Mummy’s favourite photo of Little Tyke.

He had no problems counting with his fingers the next year – but once again we did not celebrate the day together.Still I got to wish him “Happy Birthday” – over Skype.And he showed me how old he was.But in August 2015, I was super excited to celebrate his fifth birthday in London. It took all five fingers this time!

And again in 2016 – we celebrated his sixth birthday, this time in East SussexAnd lucky me, Little Tyke was in London when he turned sevenBut the string of birthday celebrations of recent years came to an end this August. That’s the reason why Mummy is in Ko Samui – as it is Little Tyke’s eighth birthday today. And since I couldn’t be there, Impostor stepped in …But four out of eight birthdays is pretty good going.

Happy Birthday, Little Tyke!

And I heard that Lucky is your birthday present! I hope he will soon be your BFF – and that you will find place in your heart foe the both of us.

May’s comment: Happy Birthday, Sasha. You have been one of the joys in my life the last eight years. I will never forget the day I met you when you were the cutest, gurgling happy baby!

I fell in love with you the first moment we met.

Watching you grow has been joyous and wondrous. With each year I see you taking your own path – learning and making your way along life’s path.  I have so loved being “Aunty May” – those are the sweetest words I long to hear every time we reunite after months apart.I still love that you still ask to sleep over whenever we’re in the same town. Because all too soon that will end.

I still hope that you won’t mind holding my hand for just a little bit longer.  I will be sad when you no longer want to but I will understand.  I hope you know that whenever you reach out your hand to find mine – as long as I am alive, I will be there.

I made a promise to myself that I will always be there to celebrate you every 9th August! And I pray that good health will keep us celebrating together for years to come.

I never knew such a beautiful life reward could come so unexpectedly and late in life – but you have.

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  1. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    Happy Birthday Sasha! Have a very happy day, enjoy it all, and make the most of having Aunty May with you…. She’s a very lovely and kind lady :)) (the puppies are gorgeous!!!)

  2. Julie mcevilly

    Happy birthday Sasha have a lovely family day xx

  3. Liz.Burman

    Happy birthday Sasha, have a wonderful day.??

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