Bye Darcy! Have fun!

Well hello, Max!You’ve grown since I last saw you.
IMG_3696 I think we’re going to be spending a few days together, little man.IMG_3697 I think he’s delighted to see me. But I must say hello to Rachelle, who will be feeding me, and I hope she will let me on her bed.IMG_3700 So guys, have fun!IMG_3698Maddie, Max and meA kiss for my sister!IMG_3699 NO MAX!!!!! We’re not going.IMG_3710 Darcy: And we’re off!IMG_3712Heh! Heh! Heh! When there’s no George, I get to sit on Mummy’s lap in the taxi – just like before he came into our lives.IMG_3715May’s comment: And we’re off to Burton Bradstock! The third time this year! Why? Think we like The Seaside Boarding House and the beautiful coast. Except of course we can’t go to the central part of the beach at this time of the year. But its beautiful just to be here.

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  1. Lola the Cockapoo

    Have a lovely time Miss Darcy. Enjoy your time with Mummy and those lovely cliff top walks ??

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