Can you fix this alarm clock?

Why? You ask. Doesn’t everyone use the phone these days? Yes, it seems that way.

When we went through decluttering weekend, Mum found an old alarm clock but it wasn’t working any more.

So one of the things to do on the list for Saturday – get that alarm clock fixed!

We went along to Cartier on Sloane Street – it was very busy in the store so we had to wait quite awhile.

George was whining and got everyone’s attention. The security guys even offered to walk him. Of course he couldn’t leave the door, so suggested George stays with him and help him guard the door.
Soon came other customers and George watched intently as they walked through – thinking – ah, new people to get love from.
Security guard told George he did a good job.
Sure enough there were new customers who fussed over us.
We loved the plush carpet so decided to rub our backs on them!

After waiting for a long while, this kind lady took us to her desk.

Hi! This clock doesn’t work …
Are you able to fix it?

Of course they could – its called new batteries. LOL! We left it to be serviced and we’ll get it back on Monday.

So why are we reverting to an old fashioned alarm clock?

Having the phone next to the bed is so convenient, especially if someone should call in the middle of the night or early morning.

The phone also provides so many options and Mum could set several options for every morning. Somedays when she can lie in, she turns off the earlier options.

Every morning those alarms keep going off and Mum would shut down each one till the next one rings. And its usually 8am before we get out of bed! Why does she even set those alarms?!?!!?

Well, the reason she can’t get up early is because she goes to bed very late every night. She’s a night owl and then when she does get to bed, she has to check for any unanswered messages, maybe do an Instagram post, catch up on Facebook, look at her emails and recently she has uploaded a crossword puzzle and she’s addicted to it. (eye roll)

But then Mum started getting aches down her left arm. Sometimes her fingers were tingling. Thinking it’s because she’s at the computer a lot she left it alone. But then her left shoulder was getting spasms. She went to see a physiotherapist who after treating her asked if she uses her phone in bed. That’s when he said to her, “Get yourself an alarm clock!

Mum was baffled. An alarm clock? Where on earth do you buy one – that looks decent and isn’t digital? “Why?” she asked.

You have to stop using your phone when lying in bed. That is what is causing the pain, the spasms in your shoulder.”

Put your phone in another room. You will see the difference – and of course to do your exercises.

So that’s why we went to have the old alarm clock serviced – so that it can function again.

May’s comment: We are continuously finding out the detrimental effects of too much usage of new technologies. I am sure as with everything, moderation is the answer but we have become so obsessed with our computers, iPads, the mobile phones. And all those Apps that keeps us engrossed. The ongoing saga of our bodies being subjected to the world of technology.

Yes, we are bringing out the alarm clock but will I really stay away from the phone? I cannot imagine having the phone in another room. I do get calls in the early mornings. Maybe that is one way of getting me out of bed!


  1. Julia

    I’d been getting pain in my wrist due to holding my phone in bed!!
    I now have ‘do not disturb’ on from 11-7am so only calls or messages from selected numbers come through.

  2. Cheryl

    I also put my phone on Do No Disturb from 11 to 7, though I have made a special group that can ‘disturb’ me. These things certainly are addictive!
    Good Luck

  3. Deborah W

    I know my eyes have gotten worse from late night reading! Now I reduce the screen light down as low as it will go,I turn off the sound and use the phone as an alarm. I force myself to stop reading on the phone (except for you) in bed and just read from a real book!

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