Torture in the name of Instagram

This takes restrain. This takes great discipline. This is killing me!!!!!!

AAAUGH!  How many more times must I pose for photos sitting at a table …Having plates of delicious food placed right under our nose and then told –NO! Darcy! Noooooo. Don’t you dare!

Darcy! Look up at the camera, not at the food. Oy! Look this way!”

I look away in defiance. How is it I have to do everything you tell me to do and I don’t get rewarded for it?

But I do look and she takes the photo. Why? Why so many photos? What is this thing called Instagram?

May’s comment: Sorry, Darcy!  Yes, we do get caught up with posting funny, adorable, outrageous, beautiful photos of our lives – mine is via Darcy, George and pooches! Our Instagram – Darcy and Me is all about our adventures. At times I wish I could be posting about me, my work and my travels instead of them!!!! LOL! But such is the life of a committed blogger.

Anyway, it occurred to me today when I was at yet another dog-friendly place with another friend that it must be so confusing and frustrating for her. I asked Darcy to get on the banquette to pose with the calamari fritti. Yes, she was immediately keen to find out what was put in front of her and I was there saying to her, “NO! Don’t you dare touch it!” Doesn’t seem fair, does it? When the photo was taken, my friend said, surely you must reward her. Well, ok. She can have a calamari or two.

Sometimes I wish I can stop

Polpetto is the little sister of Polpo – they are dog-friendly! We saw this restaurant when we would go to Duck and Rice across the street. It looked rather sweet with laced curtains – definitely different.The last time we were at Duck and Rice across the street, I finally went into Polpetto to ask. Of course, come on in, they said. Ahh, but we just had dim sum across the street. Next time, I said. So today as we were on Berwick Street checking out fabrics – I thought, how convenient. We must try Polpetto for lunch.  It was perfect. Little pizzas and some calamari fritti.

Polpetto is the “little sister” of Polpo restaurants, the jewel box of Soho. It offers sharing plates with Venetian influences – dishing up a taste of Venice in whimsical surroundings.  11 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0PL

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  1. Lucy Peters

    Darcy is such a good girl. Her pictures are always cute. My sister and niece had a good time in London, staying at the Royal Lancaster. They went to Hyde Park and saw dogs off leash being very well behaved. She said they don’t bother each other and pretty much stay by themselves. Thought that was interesting. Love your posts, May.

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