It is wine country after all

When in Provence, one doesn’t just take walks around the block, you walk through vineyards. Like we did when Tory took us on our morning walks.IMG_3254 IMG_3229 Here we are running through one of the vineyards of Côtes du Ventoux.IMG_3260With Mont Ventoux in the background IMG_3226 We had to put Georgie in his luminous yellow coat just in case he did a runner through the vines – we could spot him!  IMG_3255Like here – if not, he would have blended right in there!IMG_3223The poppies had just blossomed …IMG_3249In a few weeks it will be all green and then it will be difficult to see us in the midst of the vines!

Yesterday was Mummy’s birthday. We drove to Châteauneuf du Pape for her birthday lunch.IMG_3376We arrived at this old ruin – the walls were whatever was left of the very old chateau.IMG_3371And walked down these steps to Le Verger des Papes for Mummy’s birthday lunch.IMG_3365A very large bottle to celebrate with?IMG_3320There was a very, very delicious piece of entrecôte sur la table!IMG_3299There were other guests there who were happy to see us because they missed their dogs back in Australia.IMG_3313The original château which dates back to the 14th century was used by the Popes Clement V and John XXII.  It must have dominated Châteauneuf-du-Pape which means the new chateau of the Pope – which is now very, very old!!!IMG_3367May’s comment: Glorious day!  A drive through wine country and lunch in Châteauneuf-du-PapeIMG_3294with friend and dogs. IMG_3325Lovely viewsIMG_3373What better way to enjoy one’s birthday! IMG_3283Thank you Tory and Tati!

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  1. James

    What a pawfect day & Happy Birthday Mum x

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