Checking out Marylebone

After meeting Arthur at the bandstand, we ran around and played with other doggies who were also there
IMG_8763 You see that lake in the background.  George would run near it and desperate to chase the ducks and other feathered creatures swimming along peacefully but George, thank god, does not like water. He was, so far anyway, never going to swim after those creatures.  But Mummy stood standing in the distance watching his every move and heart in mouth, she hoped that George had not changed his mind about water.IMG_8787Thankfully, when he realised he could go no further, George ran back towards me to tackle me to the ground! Phew!
IMG_8789Back at the Bandstand while Arthur was busy meeting all his doggy friends, there were other activities going on.

There was a couple doing a tango – oblivious to us dogs running around sniffing at things. So we ignored them too.

After all the photos have been taken, IMG_8762we walked out of Regents Park towards  The Conran Shop on Marylebone High StreetIMG_8820 We always go to the original Conran Shop in South Kensington, but they sell the same things here – just checking things out.IMG_8814But here they have a larger cafe and Mummy stopped for replenishment IMG_8810 And proceeded to read about Arthur’s adventuresIMG_8807 She ended lunch with a piece of red velvet – this is the first in a VERY long time. I think she’s off red velvets – she did not finish it!  Well done, Mummy! IMG_8811After lunch, we venture further along Marylebone High Street. There was a shop Mummy really wanted to go to the other day we were with Miuccia but they were not open. So we went along today to see if we could get in this time to Eclectic – an Art Concept Store.IMG_8826Marley’s mummy had told her about it. It’s a Japanese ceramic store … and Mummy was a little worried if they would allow us in there – we could be a bull in a China Shop –IMG_8821But all fears were allayed …IMG_8823We loved the shop even before we went inside – such a welcoming sign. There were beautiful pieces of ceramics and dog-themed items and we get the idea that the owner of the store loves dogs. IMG_8824We did not meet her and we couldn’t take photos of the various items.  It was a no-photography rule inside the store though we took one of the sales staff greeting us.

Mummy bought two lovely plates – she’s contemplating if they are large enough for our food. Well, it doesn’t have to be large enough, just heap them on. We’ll manage.

And whenever we’re here, we like going into the original Daunt Books
IMG_8841We usually go to the one in Cheslea, but this is the original. It was crowded in there as it was a Saturday – IMG_8837We sat for a while and browsed through some books.

And checked out the section on books about pets and animals …IMG_8835Georgie! Please tell me you did not chew that book!!!!
IMG_8829No! I didn’t, I promise,” said George.  Yeah, I know. Just teasing you.

We like Marylebone High Street. So many lovely shops and in front of Skandium, there was a lovely display of flowers. Mummy thought she would treat herself and bought herself “a bunch of happiness.”IMG_8844May’s comment: Checking out new neighbourhoods as we explore more dog-friendly places in London.

We haven’t exhausted Chelsea and South Kensington yet as we still continue to be surprised that there’s yet another place that we can go to together.

The Conran Shophome of contemporary furnishings including design classics and one-off vintage pieces.
Address: 55 Marylebone High St, London W1U 5HS

Daunt Books – Travel specialist/general bookstore 
Address: 83-, 84 Marylebone High St, London W1U 4QW

EclecticArt Concept Shop, Address: 66 Marylebone High St, London W1U 5JE

Skandium – High-concept Scandinavian-designed furniture and homewares.
Address: 86 Marylebone High St, London W1U 4QS

Bloomon – Buy a bunch of happiness

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