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We went back to the bandstand in Regent’s Park  because we heard that Arthur was going to be there! IMG_8791Back in November 2014, we heard about Arthur – a stray dog in Ecuador who met the Swedish adventure racing team and literally followed one of them all the way home to Sweden!

We wrote about his story Team Peak Performance – You are our Number 1. 

Since then he lives with Mikael Lindnord, the captain of the team and they have written a book together.  IMG_8795On Friday, they were on BBC Breakfast and today they were at Regent’s Park to meet their readers.
IMG_8745 I was a little curious – not about Arthur, but about all those bags with interesting smellsIMG_8741 Then the prerequisite of having my photo taken with ArthurIMG_8755 Oi! You’re coming a little too close for my comfortIMG_8757What are you staring at?IMG_8758Why are you smelling me?
IMG_8756Thankfully, little pip squeak George interrupted the interrogation   IMG_8753This is team captain Mikael Lindnord and Arthur’s daddy with us for a group photo.IMG_8762We have our own copy – we wanted to read about how brave he was, how he found a friend in Mikael and how his hoomans fought for him to get him to Sweden – to be a part of their family.IMG_8846And made sure to have it signed!IMG_8785May’s comment: Touching story – always so heartwarming how many people have responded to the story.IMG_8807


  1. Jill Keiser

    Miss Darcy — I remember when you covered the story of Arthur and Mikael! How neat of you, Mummy and George to get to meet them! I’m excited for you! Wasn’t he a handsome dog?

    • Miss Darcy

      Arthur’s beautiful! So glad we met him and to know he is well. May he live happily ever after. x

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