Christmas lunch with Marley

You look wonderful, Marley! 

We haven’t seen you in awhile and thought that before the year is over, we had to have Christmas lunch at super dog-friendly Italian restaurant, LucioIMG_7237We thought it was appropriate since Marley’s mummy is Italian.

On arrival, we were greeted by Coco, the resident CockapooIMG_7233She was being a bit territorial so Lucio spoke to herIMG_7232 We were sat at a very nice table – and Marley, what can we say – he’s looking good!IMG_7198Marley sat quietly under the tableIMG_7225While George and I – we were vacuuming up the floor of grissiniIMG_7229May’s comment: Marley was a Battersea Rescue – who came to be Afdera’s replacement after her Harry-Harry was killed in a road accident. Marley is a mixture of bischon frise, yorkshire terrier, jack russell and something and something.  When we first met him at Battersea, he was highly strung and oversexed. Today, he is very sweet and has become a comfort for Afdera. It’s lovely to see how he has changed and adapted to his new life.

We hope to see more of Marley in the new year. He’s going away for six weeks – but in the new tar maybe he’ll come and stay with us.

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