Churchill has something to say

If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Our own Churchill has been staying with us now for almost two weeks.  He’s not very complicated. He needs food, he has a bed to sleep in but George and I rather like sleeping in it – we’ll have to discuss this with Mummy at a later date. That’s another blog post.

Churchill goes for walks during the day with Joanna, but he comes home to us every night. He has taken to sleeping in Mummy’s bed alongside us. We’re glad that he feels comfortable doing so. He didn’t at first. But we thought you might like to hear from him. As Churchill speaketh quite well for himself.

Over to you, Churchill.

Churchill: Hello! I’m named Churchill – a big name to live up to. I gathered that since you read Darcy’s blog, that you have heard a bit about me from May’s writing about how we met and what Darcy had to say about me.

I thought to give you my side of the story.  I came from a situation where my owner didn’t really have time for me. She was barely able to take care of herself. Actually she had not realised how much work it was to have a dog – all that walking and feeding and vet visits, deworming, etc, etc. Plus it didn’t help that I had a hernia. She debated if I should be operated on. She was afraid I would die so she didn’t want me to have it.  But as she prolonged the decision, my hernia grew. I eventually did have an operation and I am fully recovered now.

The sad thing is that she and I, we could have had such a great life together but she didn’t know how. She was alone but she didn’t always want me near her. Maybe it was because I was crying a lot as I was bored at home. Or maybe it’s because we both have eczema – she blames me for hers! My scratching  also annoyed her greatly. May said it was probably the food that I was eating that caused mine. But ever since I began eating Honey’s raw meat, my itchiness has stopped.  So no more cones for me as I don’t scratch much any more.

Anyway, things at my previous home was not getting better. I used to see May at our house sometimes – but then she would leave me behind with my owner. I always wanted to leave with her. I always wanted to run out of the house to relief myself. Sometimes May would take me out for one last walk.  But something did happen after we met May. She arranged for me to be walked everyday which was such a relief. So every morning I looked forward to Joanna and David who came to get me for my walks twice a day. They also fed me in the mornings before we went out and fed me the evenings when I was dropped off. Over the weekends, I didn’t see them. Sometimes I get to go out but mostly not. It was during one of those outings when May heard me barking my head off while I was tied up outside a bookshop. I had separation anxiety.  That was how we met.

Then one day almost two weeks ago, Joanna took me out for a walk and that was the beginning of the end.  I unexpectedly came to live with May and her two pooches, Darcy and George. They have been accepting of me and letting me co-exist in their home. I think George was a little unsure about my cone-head! But that has come off now.

Darcy tolerates me. She basically leaves me alone. But slowly she discovered my bed …And imagine, aloof, stand-offish Darcy came and shared my bed!Unheard of, right?  Little George liked it too.But at night we all ended up sleeping in May’s bed.During the day after my long walks with Joanna, I would come home to be fed. At first May was giving me just a little more than what Darcy eats but because I was out for six hours each day, I started to lose weight. May felt really guilty about it and started giving me double portions! LOL! And because of me, both Darcy and George got more too.

My owner mostly asked me to stay away form her – so I am not like Darcy and George who would follow May from room to room. Not me. I stay in the next room. I know when I am not wanted.  But May has been trying to get me to come and sit with her and Darcy and George. For now, I still like staying on my own in the other room.

As for George, he had recently decided to interact with me. He was unsure of me at first.

I learnt that he had come to live in London from the streets of Hungary.  He came unaware about how things work. He learnt pretty quickly but he took it a bit for granted that life is now hunky dory and he can do whatever he wants, like tease May with his running away. When I came along, he was unsure of what was happening and his position in the pack. For a good few days he did not want to leave May’s side. He refused to go for walks with the pack. He chose to stay with May as she went about her daily schedule.

Well, if there’s one thing I could have done for George is to remind him that there are a lot of us pooches out there who would love to have the stability of a home.  Don’t take it for granted, George.

But he has also chilled and sometimes he comes and sits with me upstairs where I’ve been trained to be.We might even get to be good friends over time.

So here I am, almost two weeks now since I walked away from my previous owner. I don’t know where I am going but for now I am safe and almost not hungry. I still have some bad habits. I didn’t know you’re not suppose to poo in the home but that was what I had to do before when I couldn’t go out. Now I am learning that is not ok. I’m getting there.

I hope I will be able to write about my next chapter soon. But we’re in no hurry. No, actually I am. May just told me that when Little Tyke arrives with Mini Tyke in tow comes at the end of the month, there will not be a lot of time for me. So I know she’s trying to sort out a place for me to go to.

May’s comment: Churchill is a sweetheart. And I had the vet certified that he is healthy and not be PTS. He needs a loving home.  He is not used to having cuddles yet, but I love that every night when I get into bed, I find his body touching mine. And he stays there all night and still find him there the next morning.He had come a long way from the night he came to stayto sleeping on his own by my bedOr maybe it is me who had changed.

I had an agreement with Joanna that she takes him out everyday as I did not trust to have him home unsupervised. Poor little thing pounded the pavement everyday for six hours. He would be so tired from his day. Finally, not only is he tired but so is Joanna. Thankfully, short of two weeks, after leaving him with Darcy for short periods, I know that he is ok to be left.

He had a couple of “mistakes”not accidents as he did not know better. I had to learn that unlike my two, he needed to poo in the evening so he doesn’t make another mistake again.

We are making plans to re-home him, possibility of someone fostering him. It’s not going to be a quick decision as we want to be sure he will be going to his forever home. He deserves a stable environment. I already know I am going to miss this little guy when he goes.



  1. Angelique

    It is nice to hear from gorgeous Churchill and am sorry he had such a tough time. It is amazng you are all giving him this chance and am sure soon he will find his forever home!💕💕

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Dear little thing. I love the way he talks to you, Elsie does that at dinner time so there’s no way she’d let me forget to feed her 5.00pm every evening! I do hope he finds a home soon with some one who can give him the love and attention he deserves. In the meantime you’re such a good hearted family to take him in. Even little George has started to accept him.

  3. Sian

    This made me cry! Tears for Churchill being treated like an afterthought in his previous life, and tears for you giving him love and friendship. So kind of you!! What an example you are.
    In one of your previous posts you said you came to realize you can’t save every dog. However, you have selflessly saved two, George and Churchill. You are a reminder of what is good in this world!!!

  4. Jill Keiser

    Churchill is such a beautiful dog and will make someone a wonderful forever companion soon. Thanks to you May he has had good nutrition, love, human and canine companionship from Darcy and George. He will be ready for his forever home when the time comes.

  5. Margaret Danks

    Darling little Churchy. I so wish he could stay with you May. I bet in your heart of hearts you are working out ways to make it work for you to keep him. He will be so unsettled again when he has to move on but like you say, you can’t save every dog. 🐾❤

  6. Lucca

    Lovely blog May, poor little Churchill, so please he is in a loving environment with you Darcy and George. LOok forward to meeting him soon.
    lots of Licks LUcca XXXX

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