To sleep, perchance to dream

Ahhh! What’s the best thing about Churchill coming to stay? His bed!

Once upon a time I had a bed like that – when I first came to live with Mummy.It was so big that Little Tyke who was walking on on fours then crawled into my bed to check me out. 🙂

The bed fitted perfectly into a corner of the kitchen. But that didn’t last long. I quickly moved from the kitchen to Mummy’s office.

I don’t know why but she decided to give away my bed. Too big and cumbersome, she said. For whom? I asked. For the decor of the room, she answered. Sadly, I really don’t have much say in the matter.

She even got me a Victorian dog bed …Well, that’s definitely not one for stretching out!

And when George came along, someone gave him a bed that was perfect for his size. I made the mistake of curling up in it. That gave Mummy the idea that I do not need a big bed. Big mistake!

She was also looking for something that fitted in with the decor.
She found this bed from P.L.A.Y. And in her quest to be even more different, she found a bucket and made it into a bed for me. That looked good in the bedroom, she said. But how often do we sleep in it when we are in the bedroom. Practically, never!

So when Churchill turned up one night with all his worldly possessions, (most got chucked!) we welcomed his addition to our collection. We take turns sleeping in itand we even share it!

So finally George realises that there are beds where it doesn’t mean you have to curl up all the time.Thank you Churchill, for letting Mummy know that we all rather enjoy a big squishy bed.All that talk about dog beds, we’d rather be in your bed with you!There we can definitely stretch out!

May’s comment: That was the first time that Darcy slept in my bed.I walked in one evening and found her on the other side of the bed. And she has never not slept in my bed again. The Leesa mattress was just too comfy!

As for that darn bed that I gave away, I thought they love curling up! I bought that classic Mungo & Maud dog for Darcy before she even arrived. I was told to get the medium size but I had thought it was way too big after she first slept in it. I guess I should have known that she would grow bigger! LOL! But now that they have shown me how much they enjoy sleeping in it, I might have to reconsider. Maybe this time one bed for the both of them!


  1. Kit Lam

    Love Churchill’s bed, where’s it from please? So glad that he has found you to rehabilitate him and hopefully it won’t be long that he finds his furever family

    • Miss Darcy

      I should never have given away Darcy’s original bed. It would have been both sentimental and probably also the best bed since then. It’s from Mungo & Maud. I think we got the medium for both her and Churchill so you can gauge the size.

  2. Rusty

    Ahhh cute seeing them all. We’re away so missing rusty

    It’s nice seeing the pics of the gang

    How’s Churchill doing? He’s looking settled xx

  3. Beate

    If I did not have my two beloved cat ladies I would take Churchill. He is so sweet!

    • Miss Darcy

      Beate, they will survive! Take him! He’ll be perfect for you. You’ll love him! And we’ll have to change his name.

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