“Co jest na kolacje?”

The answer to that question “What’s for supper?” – pierogi (meat dumplings) and borscht!

So we speak a little Polish!

Mummy has been meaning to go to Daquise for awhile now ever since she found out they are dog friendly.IMG_7455This is to add to our growing cuisine – from the obvious Italian, French, we’ve since found a Pan-Asian (OKA), Spanish (Lurra) and a Greek (OPSO) dog-friendly restaurant.  Now we can add Polish to the list of choices!

Afdera, who is Marley’s mummy, invited us to dinner at Daquise
IMG_7469It has a lovely old European feel to it.IMG_7473Mummy had never had Polish food before. She wanted to try something traditional so she had delicious meat dumplings served directly from the frying pan!IMG_7461 I can tell you something – they sure smell delicious!IMG_7463And to finish off supper, Mummy had some Polish vodka!
IMG_7465Before we left the boss, Ted, came to say hello to us! IMG_7472Ted has a Yorkshire Terrier that he had brought over from Poland. His little dog spent almost a year in quarantine when he first brought him to the UK. That was the pre-Pet Passport days. Ted told us that before he had his dog, he used to think people with dogs were crazy but now he understands the bond (and commitment). And that’s why he has no problems with dogs in his restaurants.  So the whole health and safety rule – it’s a manager’s decision.

May’s comment:

Daquise is the legendary oldest Polish restaurant serving traditional Polish cuisine since 1947.IMG_7466Located at: 20 Thurloe St, London SW7 2LT (near South Kensington tube station)

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