From Soi to spoiled! We like!

Do you remember when Mummy and Praewa went to visit the Soi Dogs in Phuket in March – with Impostor?

IMG_4732Do you remember Praewa and Mummy having met Frona, an eight year old Shih-Tzu IMG_4709-580x773and one year old PCI – short for Phuket Cement InternationalIMG_4702-580x773That’s because it was their truck that ran over her back leg?IMG_4677-580x700Well, the good news is Frona is now called Mali which means flower in ThaiIMG_7954Mali’s eyes needed looking after as she has galucoma.

And PCI is now called MadmeeIMG_7937She has a face that reminds us of Charlie! Praewa thinks she’s a Golden Retriever crossed with a Thai dog.

They both now live in their new forever home with our friend Bubbles and George’s godmother, Praewa in Phuket.IMG_7957Bubbles has lost her “only dog” status, (like I did when Georgie arrived) – but we are very, very happy that they are now a family of three. And we know they will be loved, spoiled and given the best!

May’s comment: When we were visiting Soi Dog in Phuket back in March, Praewa had asked to adopt them both but they still needed to be assessed by the vet before she could have them. Somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost touch and I only just found out that Praewa had managed to adopt them both! What fab news! Two down and many more to go!

Praewa, we miss you in London but if it means two more dogs are being loved and pampered – IMG_7956well, we still miss you but so happy for the doggies!IMG_7958


  1. Jill Keiser

    Oh it is wonderful to hear that Praewa has adopted Mali and Madmee! We can rest easier knowing these two blessed doggies are loved and cared for in a forever home! Prayers for the others to find their forever owners soon!

  2. Neyra

    Way to go, Praewa!

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