Come dine with me!

Mummy has been thinking about compiling a list of all the dog-friendly eateries for a while but she was a bit lazy and thought, well, we have posted about so many of them.  Surely if anyone wanted to find any of the dog-friendly places we’ve been to, they can do a search.

Not true it seems.

When the hoomans were discussing dog-friendly restaurants at our Hyde Park meet, one of them shouted at Mummy on Sunday, “It takes too long to find anything on the blog. I just want a list.


Well, it catapulted Mummy into doing something about it. So she spent the entire Monday Bank Holiday compiling the list of dog-friendly eating places in London that we’ve been to.  And she finally did it – all the way past midnight.  As for us, after Clemmie left, she sent us off to get a wash-n-fluff because we have a photoshoot tomorrow. And when we came home late afternoon, she fed us and left us to it.  Very boring Bank Holiday.

But now if you go to our blog’s Home Page, there is a tab that says “Places to eat” – this page will change and evolve as we discover more places in London.  We hope you will take time to discover these places for yourself and find others.

May’s comment: Jocelyn was right. For someone who spends so much effort in  trying to find as many dog-friendly places that exists to encourage others to do the same, I have not been very good in making it user-friendly. So I started to compile the list from all our postings.  And we will keep adding to it.  It should be alot easier to find the information this way.

And if you still can’t find the tab on the Home page, here’s the link.

By no means an exhaustive list – most of the places are in West London, predominantly in South Kensington and Chelsea, but it is spreading further north.

The challenge from the beginning was to find restaurants, cafes, any place that would not seem obvious that they are dog-friendly.We have left out the pubs (but not the gastro pubs) as they are usually dog-friendly, so a no brainer.

If you know of others, please send the info along and we will go and check them out as well.  Always can use an excuse to go out for a meal with Darcy and/or George.

Also, in the meantime, some of the restaurants could have changed their policies or have closed. Again, if you find erratic info, please do let us know. I hope this is useful for those who wish to enjoy a meal with their furry friend.

Future projects – dog-friendly places we’ve stayed at on our travels and where we ate. Till next Bank Holiday – oh, I think this past Monday was the last one for the year!

Thank you Jocelyn for giving me the kick in the butt I needed. It wasn’t so hard to do when you put your mind to it! 🙂


  1. Cheryl

    May, thank you so much. I’ll never have a dog in London, but perhaps while there, I can frequent some of these places to get my dog fix!
    Hmmm, just the beginning of that travel book?

  2. Roberto

    That’s great May !
    Very useful
    We are starting our expirience very soon.
    Watch out London , Bella and Molly are coming back ?

    • Miss Darcy

      Yay! Hope we get to see them. Remembering those days when Molly and Darcy would play together on the street.

  3. Sally

    Brilliant!!! Thank you so much May xx

  4. Karen

    Thanks May, This is a great idea. Unfortunately I will not use it with my dog as I live in Australia but next time I’m in London maybe I can also go to one of these places and get my dog fix and maybe bump into Darcy and George.

  5. This list is a keeper, already bookmarked it 🙂
    The Instagram profile Dog_friendly_London also lists some good places.

    Farmacy just opened on Westbourne Grove, they serve healthy comfort food and dogs are allowed.

    Chucs on Westbourne Grove also allows dogs in their courtyard.

    • Miss Darcy

      Was wondering about Farmacy so now we must go check it out. I keep forgetting others I’ve been to so I keep editing it. Have already added five more since this morning. Still can’t remember the Italian I went to behind Whole Foods. Don’t know Chucs.

      • One about the best things about moving to London from Copenhagen are all the dogfriendly places – you won’t find that in Copenhagen.

        Chucs is an Italian one, right next to 202. Opened some months ago and seems like a navy shop from the outside 🙂

        Mrs Bearnaise and I are going for breakfast at Farmacy tomorrow!

  6. Jocelyn

    Thanks May it will be much easier and quicker for Lucca to choose a place to go X

  7. Elizabeth Burman

    I wish we were in London, Elsie would love it! So would we. We can only dine in outside cafes in Oz.

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