Conquista por los colores Peruanos

Hoy me siento muy colorido en Chicama para escaparme del mal tiempo.

Yup! It sure was a rainy day all day long.

Wearing my new Cloud7 London Dog Raincoat

Mum thought we should go to our newest fave restaurant which is just at the end of our road. Chicama is a Peruvian restaurant –

and their brightly coloured throws definitely helped to brighten the day.

Dogs are allowed on their terrace

which is mostly covered and heated.

May’s comment: Chicama is a seafood restaurant in Chelsea, London with a menu inspired by the coastal food of Peru. Located at 383 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0LP.

When they first opened, I had been to ask and they did not allow dogs. So we never went. But they seem to have changed their rules and allow dogs on the terrace. Since a couple of months ago, we have been four times!

Very different foods.

Pedron peppers and tuna tostada
Crispy aubergine
Grilled cauliflower
Tapioca marshmallow

Lest we forget their Pisco Sours!

And we hope that as the winter dawns on us, that they will consider letting dogs and their owners have one table by the door. Fingers crossed and all of you going there should say something to the manager! LOL!

So fab to be able to add another cuisine to our dog friendly Wine & Dine list. Haven’t been doing that for awhile for various reasons but it is quite amazing that we cannot keep up any more – and we are only focusing on Central London. When we started eight years ago, there were only a handful of places but happily London is changing.


  1. Sara


  2. Magdalen Rogers

    My fur Baby loves this post. My sister lives in Bolivia so I’m sure she recognized the bright colours! Flossie says Hola!


    The Peruvian throw looks wonderful. It’s good that the restaurant now allows dogs on the terrace, and that other restaurants are relaxing their rules regarding dogs. I became quite peckish seeing the delicious food, the humble chicken tikka masala I had this evening was no match.

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