Has the world changed?

We think a large part of the world’s population stayed up last night glued to the TV – but not us.

We slept through it all except for the occasional disturbances when Mummy went to have yet another cup of tea. img_9409The jabbering on the telly didn’t bother us.img_9410So what really happened? Has the hooman world changed?

May’s comment:  After hardly any sleep, I awoke to the alarm this morning after drifting in and out the last couple of hours.  With Darcy on one side of me and George on the other, I snuggled just a little longer taking comfort in knowing that no matter what had happened last night, life goes on with these two.

There was another such a night back in June when we saw the unravelling of unexpected news. Last night was going in the same direction … and here we are today.  The unexpected had happened again.

Reading all the shocked responses from Facebook friends – the shock, the anger, the concerns are just as it was when Brexit happened.

In some aspect I understand their concerns – they feel “forgotten” while the world spoke of refugees coming to crowd their space, take their jobs, livelihood and their identity.  When an unexpected voice spoke out for their concerns and how they felt, they felt empowered to be “great” again. But him? What happened to basic human values?

The one thing that the new President-elect said that resonated – “it was not a campaign, it was a movement.”  Perhaps the “changes” promised too many times again and again wasn’t happening or was going the wrong way. The people spoke whether for Brexit or last night’s election – take care of ourselves first before others.

The world is a-changin’ – and this could be the beginning of the next people’s revolution – against the Establishment.  Watch out Brussels!  There could be many more upheavals i.e. upcoming elections in other parts of Europe.

Trying to be philosophical … but oh so tired from an extraordinary night.


  1. I still can’t believe it..I live in the U.S and as a woman, I’m very nervous.

  2. Cecilia

    I’m from the U.S. also and still cannot believe we would come to this! I woke up this morning and say to myself “life goes on and we’ll be alright!”

  3. Jill Keiser

    I, too, am from the U.S. and was poll observing yesterday. I am sickened by the outcome of the elections.

  4. Laura Cordovano

    I don’t have to tell you how horrified and crushed I am. Misogyny ruled the day in the end. Women’s march on Jan 21st in Washington DC. I’ll be there!

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