Fluff balls meet-up!

It was a grey Monday morning in Camber Sands – and Barnaby and I have put on our matching red Equafleeces Waiting for Dante and his daddies to give us a ride to the beach!

We went to the main car park and all of us were eager to go out for a run. We couldn’t wait for the others!

But first, we had to ward off some BIG dogsThere, you guys stay over there and we’ll play here.And George seemed to love rolling on the sand –Mummy said – thank goodness for the Equafleece!

And then they came!!! Woohoo!Bertie and Harley – two young fluff balls – I mean, literally still with ballsBut were perpetually tormented by “jealous” George!I did my best to stop him. Thanks a lot to his luxating patella, he couldn’t run as fast as these young ones.But he wouldn’t leave them alone. Horrid George!

Pretty soon, he ended up in Mummy’s arms and then Julie’s arms because he was terrorising the little boysThat way, they could get on with playing with each other.Without interference
We did the doodle dash! Some of us were ball-obsessed! We ran with balls in mouth! I was equally guilty on that front Some of us were wrestling– The Apricots And the BlacksSome needed a hug for reassurance after runningMost of us were treats obsessed It took us all a long while before any of us ventured near the water!Go on Dante, you go!But it did look tempting …
So I joined him.Soon it was time to leave Out came the leashesWe forgive your George – for being jealous of “balls”
Awww, that was such a fun meet!  When is the next one?

May’s comment: Great turnout for a first meet at Camber Sands on a grey Monday morning – organised by James, Frank and Dante.  Altogether 11 of us!

L-R: Harley, Bertie, Barnaby, George, Darcy, Bertie, Dot, Lacey

Missing from the group photo:

Dante, who was busy chasing his ballGracie (Springador) – she arrived lateand Monty (Cocker Spaniel) – his mummy had to go to the dentist!It was an easy journey from London (St Pancras International or Victoria) to Rye. Lovely town – more about this later, and fab beach for the dogs.  James will be organising more walks and we’re going to try and make it again.

Photos by Mara, Kevin and Vanessa! Thank you.


  1. Margaret Danks

    What a treat to see them all running around. They love the freedom of the beach don’t they? Poor little Georgie was having such fun till the little pups arrived lol.

  2. Cheryl

    What a fun time! Sure is easy to spot George in that bright yellow fleece!

  3. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Oh what fun we all had..met some
    lovely people and their doodles. We do hope we will be counted in as an *honorary* doodle and promise not to be late again. I’m afraid at the age of 72 time doesn’t focus very much in my hoomans lives…except for trains planes and lunch catch ups ?. Hope to see you all soon.
    Love and licks from
    Gracie and the hoomans.

  4. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Yes I am and WhatsApp…great to meet you all yesterday and chat with your friends. Take care don’t work too hard.

  5. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Thank you.

  6. Ian Harrison

    The ‘poos clearly enjoyed themselves but I guess the “hoomans” weren’t so keen on the weather. It sounded very windy – pity they don’t make matching Equafleeces for poo’s and their owners!

  7. Steph

    Love reading this blog can’t wait for next one .

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