Day 10: Just when it feels like “home”

Today was our last full day at sea. Time to start packing up – and BIG Wheelie comes alive again tomorrow!

We’ve had some pooch neighbours the last couple of days. They came on board yesterday and we could smell them and  heard their muffled barks next door but had not met them.

As everyday, we got into our fleeces for the cold weather and made our way to Deck 3.This morning when we bolted up the stairs, we were greeted by barks.

Er, who were they?
There were two Labradors and one Spanish Water Dog.Ah, so those were the ones we could smell in the cabin next to ours. A bark here, a bark there – quickly curbed by their hoomans, though we all then sat quietly, we were staring at each other, till we could leave the ferry.As you can see, we have more daylight now that we have crossed south of the Arctic Circle. By tomorrow we should have even more – from 10am till almost 3pm!

On the way to Brønnøysund we passed the Seven Sisters.  Wonder why they called them sisters and not brothers?

At Brønnøysund, June and Amanda borrowed Georgie for a walk.While Mummy and I ventured to find some solitude by the lake.We went out for our last walk in Rørvik – it was snowing!I had a runaround in the fresh fallen snow while George barked for the whole neighbourhood to hear!

When we returned, we made sure we said our goodbyes to those who have been so kind to us – Daniel and Lasse at the reception deskWho checked us out each time we left the ferry and made sure we were back before the gangway closed.

And this is David and Nataša from the Expedition Team – such good sports. Nataša waked us when Mummy went for her excursions so she could tick off the things she wanted to see and do on this trip. And David made sure we were ok. The whole journey wouldn’t quite be the same for Mummy without them.

To al of them, we say a hearty thank you.  And most of all to our cleaning lady who had to change our sheets twice in three days because of George!

May’s comment: Just when it starts to feel like we’re at home, it was time to start thinking about leaving the boat.  Tonight we had the Captain’s Farewell dinner – The whole kitchen staff were thanked – they gave excellent service.  And along with the Expedition Team and the Captain and his team, they sang us a song!  One of the lines was “we hope we made your dreams come true.”  They sure did help!

The food was very good. And every day they tried to serve food from the are we were at.We ate well – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s not for certain but it seems like we’re the only dogs who have done the entire round trip, well almost. We got off the ferry a day earlier to get to Oslo for New Year’s Eve.  Darcy and George made me proud. Aside from the first three days of disaster with George – getting sick and runny tummy, and one day with Darcy – after I gave them the wrong food combo, we soon settled down into a routine. I had brought Lily’s Kitchen wet food as a fall back position and they seem to be doing fine with them.  Otherwise, they behaved impeccably, only once did George bark when in the cabin. Every day, a few times a day, they stood and waited alongside me quietly when we were going out for a walk – whether the exit was crowded or just the three of us. George didn’t like the ramp at first but soon learnt to like it when he realised it was cold outside.

As time went on and I became more relaxed about their dealing with he cold, I took them out this morning for 30 mins without their Equafleece and very quickly George was whimpering and shivering. So to anyone who tells me it is ridiculous for dogs to wear coats – they haven’t met once-street-dog George! LOL!

At first, many of the passengers would look on in disbelief that I have two dogs on board.  They interacted with the dogs – slowly by surely, the number of passengers who spoke to us, and the crew – all who have or had dogs, became a constant.  Eventually they would ask:

Do you live in Norway? No. We live in London.

You flew here? No, we took the train. How?

But as everyone became more comfortable in their spaces, more of them came up to say hello whenever we were waiting to leave the ferry. Or they would ask at meals – are you the one with the two dogs – and a conversation would pursue.  Many asked to take their photos and of course George was such a ham! Doing his begging tricks and rolling on his back for tummy rubs – sending the crowd into roars of laughter, stopping everyone with his begging.

I think we’ve introduced several people to Equafleeces and their Christmas jumpers from Purple Bone were a hit!

Now, I eed to get a good night’s rest before BIG Wheelie comes alive again tomorrow. Back on the train – and a long 6 hour 45 minute till we get to Oslo.

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  1. Cheryl

    I am so glad your cruise went so well, well we won’t mentioned those first few days, it really wasn’t Darcy and George’s fault. Dogs to bring out the friendliness in people. It’s so nice that the crew was so helpful!
    Dogs do need coats! Tonight it’s going down to 10 (-12celsius) and the days average about 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9celsius). Our granddoodle has a heavy waterproof canvas fleece lined coat.
    Happy New Year!
    Continues safe travels

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