What next? A pig?

First Mummy abandoned us to meet huskies. And last night she left us to meet Oki.

Yes, we sailed by ourselves from Svolvaer to Stamsund – without a chaperone!!!!

So, tell us what was so important you had to do?

May’s comment:  I’m sorry I had to leave you two alone again – I even left the ship and you sailed all by yourselves from Svolvaer to Stamsund. But I knew you were in safe hands and that Natasa was going to take you out for walkies.

There’s a half-moon over the Arctic Circle and I had checked it would be a clear night on Lofoten Island. The excursion on offer tonight was horse back riding in the evening. How could I resist?

Along I went, and had to put on some overalls – it was Arctic cold.

We were each assigned our Icelandic horse and I had Oki – a 2-year-old puppy. After having fallen off, thrown off and saddled on a runaway horse the last three times I had been on them, this wasn’t going to be a walk on the beach. I needed to overcome fear, so we had a little chat – Oki and I. Told him that I needed him to help calm my fears. He nudged me as we spoke.

When everyone was saddled, in a row, we left on our evening ride. Of course it was pitch black if to for the moon. We rode down to the beach from the stables, the skies were crystal clear and there was the Big Dipper. We walked along the beach, the horses hooves crunching on the snow – everything was brightly lit by the moon. And just then the guide at the front shouted back at us, “Northern Lights to the right!” And there it was again – a green mist just starting to make an appearance – floating in the sky, coming and going. Once again – no camera and forced to just be in the moment.

As the waves washed ashore, with the very bright half-moon to our left, the skies pinprick with stars and the Northern Lights swirled and strung itself out – growing in intensity, and me sitting on Oki – my heart was overflowing with gratitude – to be able to be in that moment – amongst strangers, I was alone in my universe.

We made it back safely and as I said goodbye to Oki, he nudged me again and again – playfully as if saying – see, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Nope! Except that THR and the other hip still arthritic makes it painful to get on and off a horse. I’ll just have to love them from afar. 🙂

But thank you, Oki. You might have been the last horse I would have ridden.

So Darcy and George, that was what I needed to do.  I now know my limitations and I’ll not be galloping into the sunset on a horse, but it would long be a moment to remember and thank you for letting me experience it.

This part of our journey is coming to an end – that was the cherry on the top. We’ve already had the icing.

As the bus approached the port – someone sitting in front of me noted, “The doggies are still out.” I looked outside and there was Natasa with the two of them.  He continued, “You know, their owner takes them out at every port call.

That’s me,” I said, before he could make any negative remarks and then it would be embarrassing when I hopped out of the bus and they greeted me.

The gentleman turned around and so did everyone on the bus, as he said, “Are they yours?” And then they watched with amusement and delight as Darcy stood on her hind legs in great anticipation. And when George saw me, he started yapping and the two of them jumped up in sheer excitement.  Why did I bring my pups with me?  Just that was enough to make it all worthwhile. 🙂


  1. Cheryl

    What a fun experience, glad you got to do it. I’m also glad you have such wonderful people to watch over Darcy and George.
    Continued safe travels!,

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    May I have enjoyed you and your pups journey so much! I am glad you have had times to live just in the moment.Those are the very best times. I’m glad you were able to meet such great people that also love your dogs. Happy New Year!

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