Day 3: A quiet, cosy in-cabin day

We woke up this morning to a stationary ferry – we’re in Trondheim!

This is our long stop for the day – with lots of human activities: The Northern most Tram ride in the world, excursions to the Nidaros Cathedral, kayaking on the river Nid and a hike with the expedition team.  We didn’t go on any of these and we even got lost walking to Trondheim!

It wasn’t a very nice morning either with sleet and slush on the roads. So we headed back to the ferry and decided to have a cosy day of snuggling. And about time!

The first couple of days, Mummy was just getting used to how things worked – and we stayed in the cabin on our own wondering what was happening. But we soon realised she kept coming back, sometimes with treats and then she took us out for walks. Now she’s figured out each our schedule for each day – according to stops, our feeding and importantly – how we feed. We’re now getting some delicious food from the buffet – today we had salmon and pork!Takk for maten! – as they say in Norway, which literally means – thanks for the food!

We also met Natasha today from the expedition team – she’s considering taking one of us on the hike in Kirkenes. When asked which she would take – guess who she chose? Our last stop today was Rørvik at 20.45 – after an open sea journey for the last two hours which meant the sea was a bit rough.  When that happens, we usually hunker down in our cabin till we reach shore and then we were off for our last walk – and ship ahoy! There’s the Spitsbergen – a sister Hurtigruten ship also anchored.   Till tomorrow.

Wait! Mummy, where are you going? Choir practice?!?!?! What on earth?

May’s comment:  Trondheim was the first capital city of Norway.  The main attraction was the Nidaros Cathedral but we didn’t get to see it. 🙁

The next time we’re back to Trondheim in eight days, we will be leaving the ferry and getting on a train back to Oslo. But there are still many more fjords to see, many more towns to discover and still hoping for clearer skies to see the Northern Lights. Fingers crossed! This is a Northern Light promise cruise – so if we don’t see it, we have a free cruise – and I’ll be on it – sans dogs! LOL!

By the third day, have figured out all the programs. I am not going on any of the excursions as that’s usually the time I could take them for walks. All’s fine on that front – except for one that I definitely want to go to – the Ice Hotel in Kirkenes. That is when the Excursion Team will consider taking George on a walk along the coast and they will see if I can take Darcy with me. OMG!!!! How cool would that be? The decision lies in the hands of the Ice Hotel. TBD.

Took time to explore the deck and looked out at sea today. In the afternoon, there’s always some activity. Today’s feature was blue mussels out on the deck.And a point of interest was the deep red Kjeungskjaer lighthouse, on a tiny island, otherwise a rock at the mouth of the Bjugnfjorden.It is the only octagonal lighthouse in Norway. Built in 1880 and until 1947, it was manned by a lighthouse keeper. It is big enough to sleep six – and once upon a time, a family of three children lived in the lighthouse! And Kai was making Christmas decorations – one of the activities leading up to Christmas. Al these will go on the tree tomorrow night.

And yes, I decided to join the choir! LOL! Haven’t sung in a choir since I was in school but what the heck – its Christmas!

It was good to chill and spend time with the doggies.  This is one of the limitations besides not being able to go on excursions – also a good excuse not to spend, as they are pricey. The ferry has many lovely places to sit and relax and most of the passengers are on Deck 7 lounging by the “fireplace”, looking out at sea of sitting in the covered deck. Whenever I’m not at breakfast, lunch or dinner, or not attending a “lecture”, I’m in the cabin with them –blogging, even working or napping! 🙂

We are by now out of raw food and had asked the kitchen if they could supply any – they were considering it, and then decided actually that I could actually give them food from the buffet! So cooked meat (without sauces), fish – sometimes sausages will have to do. I have some baked dog food but will keep those as reserve.

Also did some laundry – much-needed for their filthy Equafleeces! Very useful facility especially when you’re on board for 11 days.



  1. Julie Mcevilly

    Sounds as though you are having an amazing time! Extra special because you are all together. Love hearing about your adventures. Wishing you all a lovely Christmas it will certainly be one you will remember. Take care Julie&Bailey xx

  2. Cheryl

    Your pictures are amazing, thank you for them and your commentary.
    I do hope the pups get to go to the ice hotel, it sounds fabulous!
    Continued safe travels!

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