Day 2: We met a troll in Ålesund

Mummy, the boat is docking at Måløy at 07.15. It looks very dark outside. Shall we go outside?We hurried up to Level 3 where the boat opens its doors and waited.When? When? When?Finally we got off and we walked around and around for a while – it’s still dark outside and as it was only a 15 minute stopover, so we didn’t wander far. We were all a little worried that the ferry might leave without us – so we stayed very close by.Don’t leave us behind, ok?

Måløy is one of Norway’s largest fishing ports – the ferry stopped for only 15 minutes while they loaded things onto the ferry. We got back in on time.

From Måløy we headed up north towards Ålesund.  In 1904, the town burnt to the ground and was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style.

This was a three-hour stop – so some of the passengers went on excursions . We walked around the town. And that was when we encountered a troll – waving a Norwegian flag!Nope, I wasn’t afraid of them! A troll is a class of being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings. (Wikipedia)

One could climb ip to Aksla mountain – and maybe we might have made it up the 418 steps – and would have seen the town below, the cluster of islands with their ancient settlements – but we didn’t. The weather is still not very good – thus our Equafleeces. Mummy is wishing she had brought along another one for each of us.

Molde would be our next stop at 18.00 – where we get off for some relief.  And finally before we hunkered down for Night 2, we got off at Kristiansund. It was raining/sleeting and I had no desire to do anything. Just wanted to go back inside.

May’s comment: Now that all the train travelling is over and we’ve begun the next part of the journey, timings are still equally important while on the ferry cruise.  It stops several times a day – sometimes it is only for 15 -30 minutes to load and unload cargo and passengers. At these times, I take Darcy and George out for their walks – the morning, and the evenings and last relief. But there’s always one major stop per day where passengers go off on excursions – and we walk around the town and explore.

Our long stop today was Ålesund, a port town at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord. It’s known for the Art Nouveau architectural style in which most of the town was rebuilt after a fire in 1904.

And so that was Day 2.

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