Partners in crime no more

Little Sis told Mum when they were on the skiing trip that Polo had died.

“What?” Mum asked in shock.

She ate rat poison and died,” Little Sis explained.

Mum had met Lucky and Polo all of three times in their lives but they have stories to tell.

The day Polo met Little Sis.

Mum met them when they were just a few months …

She taught them how to paw.

They went everywhere together.

They were hugged a lot by Little Sis.

They surveyed the world together.

They were a foursome.

Lucky with My BUDDY and Polo with Little Sis.

They even met Impostor.

They were always together. Partners in crime.

But as they grew, they were full of puppy mischief. They got into trouble all the time and the family decided that they needed more space to run – so they went to live on their farm in northern Thailand.

They ran freely – there was more space – and they had each other.

One night in November, Polo was at home when he ate some rat poison in the house. It must have been very toxic stuff. When her mum came home, she found that Polo had thrown up all over the house and she was spinning deliriously in circles. She passed that night.

Lucky was beside himself as he kept running in circles around her lifeless body. His mum had to bring him into her bedroom and they slept together in grief. The next day, they buried him on their garden.

Lucky, alone in the world. Though he has friends he hangs out with when the family is not in Chiang Rai, his world will no longer be the same without his sister.

May’s comment: I love you Polo. We have met all of three times but you left a big paw print in my heart.

You were beautiful, full of puppy mischief and I loved that we had stories to tell. Run free, sweet girl. Lucky misses you, the kiddies miss you, your mum and dad miss you – and so do I. Big hole in heart, Polo. Big hole.


  1. Peter

    So sad
    We have lately had rat poison left in some of our local walking areas here in Dorset.
    Some people deliberately trying to poison animals is beyond belief.

    • Maureen Dell

      I’m so sorry …. run free beautiful Polo until you meet Lucky again over the rainbow bridge.

  2. Grainne Bourne

    Heartbreaking 🙁

  3. Jill Keiser

    I am so sorry for Polo’s passing. I hope it won’t take too long for Lucky to adjust.

  4. Cecilia Lin

    R.I.P. beautiful Polo, run free to the rainbow bridge!

  5. Liz Burman

    RIP Polo, I’m so sorry you had to leave so young.?

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