Did you go to work today?

We always go to work with Mum whence goes to the office or even when she’s at the Chelsea Design Centre.

But today was a special day. A lot of dogs got to go to work all over the country!

To commemorate the day, we set up a pop-up shop at the We Work offices in Hammersmith.

Mum, manning the booth, me taking questions.

So let me tell you about Pet-Edition

Meet the Pet-Edition team as in Theo, Winston, me, Freddie and George!

And the hoomans are: Rabin, Dez, Mum and Max.

At the end of a very long day, we all finally went home.

We were pooped!

May’s comment: So much fun sharing Pet-Edition with our fellow colleagues where we work. We’ll be doing more Pop-Ups at the various We Work offices -so if you’re at any of them -look out for us.

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