Impostor goes where we cannot

It has been a bot of a whirlwind few days. Back to London, moved home, Guinness World Record attempt, Bring Your Dog to Work Day – on the longest day of the year. And still moving, but the weekend is finally here.

So last night we had a little catch-up time on what Georgie’s been up to- a lot of partying it seems.

Celebrating Love My Human 1st Anniversary
Birthday celebrations at Fulham Beach for Cedric, Eny and Truffle!
And Hattie’s birthday

And while I was away, I heard that Impostor got to go where we were not allowed!!!! Mum was invited to join some friends for the Order of the Garter Procession at Windsor Castle.

I’ve been to Windsor but never inside the castle. Lucky Impostor.

Mum, Impostor and Sara were allocated spaces in front of the Round Tower.

They peeked over the wall to see what was down there when they spotted a real live dog!

Gasp!!!! And it poo-ed on the beautifully mown grass – and no one was around to pick up it’s poo!

And so they sat on the pavement – the crowd was only one deep!

A programme to commemorate the event

Ahem, Mum, I thought we were decluttering?

As they sat and waited for about two hours, there were all sorts of activities. Here comes the Yeoman Guards …

As it got closer to the time of the procession, the Welsh Guards came marching by.

And they had our own Welsh Guard.

Mum considered a selfie – but decided she wanted to watch the Procession rather than risked being thrown out.

Sara, on the other hand …

Cheeky! LOL!

Can’t take her anywhere!

Oh no! They even had cops guarding them – not sure if they were afraid Impostor was going to do something naughty or maybe it was Sara they needed to keep an eye on.

It was such a warm day – Mum and Sara needed some ice cream to cool down.

Love the wafer.

And the Standard blew in the light breeze as the music played.

And Impostor danced to the marching bands.

All the guards and the bands were in place.

And here comes the marching bands …

And the procession began as the Knights made their way to St.George’s Chapel – the spiritual home of the Order since its foundation.

The Order of the Garter Procession

And finally the Queen, the Sovereign of the Garter.

And when it was all over, it was last in, first out. This time Her Majesty the Queen came past in her royal carriage.

Then came His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain and his wife in the same carriage as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

When all the Knights have walked past, the guards and the marching bands gathered for their grand finale march.

And off they went!

Such a colourful event and pageantry! Lucky Impostor got to see it all.

May’s comment: We have been so busy with moving, getting the flat ready for the arrival of the kiddies and launching pet shopping portal that we really didn’t have time to write about one of the highlights of the year!

Thanks to Emma we were able to attend the Procession of the Garter at Windsor Castle to celebrate the oldest and most senior Order of Chivalry, it was founded by Edward III in 1348.

Of course dogs were not allowed for many reasons – too many people, a lot of marching bands with stomping feet that would bother even chilled Darcy. So Impostor had to come with me. LOL!

This is Dylan. He has seen the Queen a lot more times than I have! LOL!


  1. Karen Thomas

    What a thrill it was to see this through your eyes! Here in the States, we don’t get much tradition, a great reason to be filled with pride for Country. I thank you sincerely for sharing this event!

  2. Emma

    So glad you could come – it is always a wonderful day

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