Different landscapes

Here I am – back to being DAWG! Morning walks with new friends at the House of Mutt.

See how I walk so confidently with all sizes and colours of dogs!

I don’t normally do this when we go for walks in London parks.

The recent Storm Ciara brought down some trees – was a bit of an obstacle course – so I applied my agility skills to get over them.

Fallen trees means lots of branches for a good chew …

Oh, I better hurry along to catch up with the others.

No! Don’t take that of me looking dishevelled after rolling in a pile of leaves!

Mum will be tsk! tsk! Tsking!

Look at all that land to run – and alarm bells for George!!!!

Meet my new friend – Fenton, the Havanese.

As fir George, he and his black mates are having the best country walks – on lead! As in extendable lead – no one trusts George!

Actually he cannot help himself either.

But what George lacks in size, he makes it up with big personality.

As for Mum – she’s flying to cities of the East and in circumstances quite different to what we’re experiencing.

I know where I’d rather be – but wish Mum could be with us.

May’s comment: Happy dogs! Happy Mum! Now to see the kiddies!

Yes! Yes! Yes! We need to rename Little Tyke and Mini Tyke! Any suggestions? I thought of My Buddy and Little Sis?



    Lovely photos…lovely to see your agility skills Darcy, being ‘dawg’. You’ve got some new friends, and it looks like you are all on a ‘dawgy’ mission. Fenton looks a Sweetheart. Wonderful to see you May with ‘My Buddy’ and ‘Little Sis’. George looks as though he has settled well, in fact you have all settled into your holidays, until you meet again, absence make the heart grow fonder. Cheerio for now. xxx

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