Brits LOVE best!

It’s official! 97% of UK dog owners are head over heels in loving us pooches!

The latest survey by Agria Pet Insurance across six (mostly) Northern European countries:

UK – 97%

Sweden – 95%

Finland – 89%

Norway – 85%

Denmark – 84%

And when asked – Who gives me the best comfort when I’m sad?

UK – dog 56% partner 32%

Sweden – dog 33% partner 40%

Norway – 32% partner 45%

Finland – 30% partner 43%

Denmark – 27% partner 56%

Not sure what that says about the British hoomans – LOL!

May’s comment: If we’re feeling sad, owners in the UK find that their dogs give them more comfort than their partners – which is unique across the rest of the European countries surveyed. 56% of dog owners find their dog comforts them the most, compared with just 32% choosing their partner to cheer them up.

And UK women appear to love their pets just that bit more than men, at 98% vs 93% respectively.

Agria’s survey examined the feelings of pet owners from the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and France. Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance, says, “Our latest research shows that the UK continues to stand firm in our long-held position of being the greatest animal lovers. Our pets mean everything to us, and during turbulent times, bring us more comfort than anything else.”

We live in a time where statistically our relationships with our dogs are likely to last longer than our marriages – so we should select our canine companions with as much care as we would a life partner. “A pretty face will soon lose its appeal, and it’s personality that counts, every time, along with someone who enjoys the same things you do. The couple who play together stay together – humans and dogs!

“Dogs that have been bred to enjoy to hunt, or chase, or dig etc. are also going to need outlets for these behaviours included in their exercise or lifestyle – and if they are not given them, can become bored, depressed and develop behaviour problems.

This is NOT AN AD. Just found their survey – to confirm that UK are crazy loving dog owners. But would be interesting to see what happens when they include the other countries that are particularly dog friendly like Germany, France and Italy.

Agria Pet Insurance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Where you least expect it, you find L-O-V-E!
On a small street in Shoreditch – we found LOVE! 🙂

We are not together this Valentine’s Day – Darcy is at the House of Mutt and George is in Dorset with the Auers. And I am with my two other loves.

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    Very interesting reading. Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I imagine Georgie Pudding and Pie is out and about kissing all the girls, he’s so lovely, and his handsome looks are enough to fetch ducks off the water. Darcy of course, will be having the boys swo
    oning, she will give them one of her looks, she is waiting for the very special boy, she will know immediately when they meet. Cheerio for now xxx

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