Ohayō gozaimasu – indeed!

So Impostor gets to go in Mum’s luggage. And IT had to wear a face mask!!!

Mum had just taken this photo of Impostor – seated and ready for take off …

Ahem! I think you’re wearing it the wrong way! LOL!

when someone sent her this photo!!!!

This is for real!!!!!

We landed in Tokyo Haneda International Airport early this morning

Hello Mount Fuji!

Before transiting to Sapporo – for a ski trip with Little Tyke and Mini Tyke.

Approaching Sapporo

May’s comment: Meeting the kiddies – Sasha and Skye for a ski trip in Sapporo. They don’t know that I will be meeting them there – so a big surprise awaits tomorrow!!!! And I am all excited.

And its my first time in Hokkaido – never been this north before. And excited to check out the skiing scene in Japan.

Another view of Mount Fuji.

It feels very strange to get into a taxi and no dog wants to sit on your lap, or no great excitement on arrival – dogs waiting to leap out of the car. And I can stay in the hotel and not have to time when I need to take them out. Very odd sort of feeling to not have a pair of eyes following your every move in strange place.

Given the state of affairs, and in a culture where face masks are commonly worn, we decided to play it safe.

This is the correct way to wear a face mask!

Watched five movies on the eleven and half hour flight – all the ones I have been meaning to see – Judy, Joker, Jo Jo Rabbit, Downtown Abbey – and the second time for The Art of Racing in the Rain – and “Enzo” reminded me a lot of Darcy – the expressions.



    Great photos May, have a lovely holiday, look forward to seeing more photos.

  2. Anne McCormack

    You’re going to have to update their names, May. Little Tyke and Mini Tyke are getting big now. I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ve grown.

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