A night out in Covent Garden

It’s not every night that we get to go out for dinner with Mummy. But last night Adele was visiting us from Dubai.  Mummy had met her just a few weeks ago when she was there – and they had shared stories about each other’s pooches.  She has three herself – so it was only natural that she was keen to meet us.IMG_3356And she fell for George!

She thought it would be a good idea that we all dine together – hooray!

We went to PipsDish – a restaurant in Covent Garden. By the time we got there, everyone had left to go to the theatres – which meant we basically had the restaurant to ourselves. IMG_3366Fab for us!  I took a little wander around – sniffing out food.IMG_3368 IMG_3372 Hmmm. They clean up quite well here.IMG_3373 Ah, some bread!IMG_3370Georgie wasn’t allowed to wander because he’s so small – he could disappear quickly downstairs to the kitchen!IMG_3375After supper. we took the bus home – as we traversed the busy streets, we saw some of the night life of London.  At one point, Georgie saw a big staffordshire terrier walking on the streets and started to bark at it, and I joined in the raucous – much to Mummy’s horror!  She shut us up as quickly as she could!  No one seem to have minded but Mummy – oh, she’s just so worried the bus driver might get mad at us.  We got off the bus eventually with no further incident.

It was past 11pm when we finally got in the door. We’re not night owls like Mummy – we headed straight for bed … IMG_3380 IMG_3381… while Mummy had to write my blog! 🙂

May’s comment:  When with company of like-mindedness, take the opportunity to try out another dog-friendly restaurant! We went to Pips Dish in Covent Garden.  PipsDish-Restaurant-Covent-Garden-600x400It is a rustic, wood-lined restaurant which serves a menu of hearty dishes made from artisan ingredients.

When we sat down the first thing they did to bring a bowl of water for the dogs.

Address: 15 Exeter Street, London WC2E 7DT


  1. I am fascinated by Miss Darcy’s tail. My poo Simon has a docked tail. Poor dog doesn’t know what he’s missing!

  2. Nicola

    Poor Simon! My Molly does so much wagging. One of my neighbours has a male cocker spaniel and his tail is docked too: he has a short stubbing bit that still wags and wags at a million miles an hour as he sniffs out all the scents in the park.

  3. Maryanne Cotter

    you are so fortunate to have so many dog friendly places to visit with your puppies. Here in Australia dogs are treated like pariahs in most public spaces. Btw I think tail docking here has been outlawed? Can’t imagine a spoodle without a tail.

    • Miss Darcy

      Tail docking is illegal in the UK. It seems not in the US. Whenever we meet a dog without their tail – they are always from the States. It just seems odd that everyone knows a dog wags it’s tail when they’re happy and able to communicates with them – why would they cut it off?

  4. Carol Levine

    My cockapoo, Charlie, has a fluffy tail like Miss Darcy. However, most cockapoos I have seen here in the US have docked tails. The breeder asked our preference and we requested that his tail not be docked.

    Love your blog Miss Darcy!

  5. According to Simon’s breeder, they dock cocker tails (in the US), so they dock cockapoo tails also. I think it’s cruel and must be painful. I didn’t get a choice – his tail was already docked.

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