Good morning, Mr. Spencer!

A walk with Spencer in Kensington Gardens is normally a quiet affair.  He minds his business walking close to his mummy (because she has treats) and I go chasing squirrels …IMG_3298But now we have nosey-parker Georgie who goes up to everyone for small talk.IMG_3309 IMG_3303IMG_3281 Not me! Leaving them to it.IMG_3290 Georgie urging Spencer to play but got told off. IMG_3291 Oooh, Georgie – are you sure about this tete-a-tete?IMG_3293 Run!!!!IMG_3294 Yeah, a whole lot of doggy talks during these walks.IMG_3295 Oh, I ran into Mr. Darcy – he’s grown since we last saw him a couple of months ago.IMG_3301IMG_3296After this, Georgie did a runner and for a moment we couldn’t see him anywhere. We searched all around us and then spotted him in the far distance. He couldn’t hear us so he just kept looking – not for us but for things that interested him. Mummy kept calling but he didn’t come. As we walked towards him, he went in the opposite direction. And then he disappeared behind the fenced-in area. Oh dear Georgie, that was not a good idea.

Thankfully Spencer’s mummy was there to help and she spotted him emerging on the other side. The thing is when George hears Mummy calling he would come – so maybe it’s time for whistle training.  He still can’t be trusted ti run off lead completely.

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  1. Jill

    Oh Georgie! How this reminds me of my dear old Jodie, long gone now to Rainbow Bridge. She was a springer x terrier (though like you she was a rescue, so we’re not sure of her exact parentage>) The terrier would dominate from time to time (very frequently when she was young) when her hearing became very selective. In fact she would hear me call, look over her shoulder with a glance that said “I hear you, I have to go, it’s in my genes, I will come back!” True, she always did, On occasions it was 20 mins, if she found a good rabbit hedge, or picked up a scent, I had a a little budgie bell on her collar,which I could hear jingling against her tag. It helped me hear if she was in a nearby hedge when the foliage was thick. So nerve racking though. She had a white tip to her tail, which she carried high. I would see it waving above the grass, and heave a sigh of relief as she came charging back, and sit with her tongue lolling out of her mouth, looking up and saying “You called? Here I am!” Little Georgie, don’t worry your Mummy too much!

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