Do you know the way to St. Tropez?

On the first full day of our holiday, we got into full swing of activities …Come on Marley, let’s get going!Are we going in the Moke today?We sure did! We arrived at Le Club 55 at Pampelonne Beach …After parking the Moke and having it charged, we went along down the boardwalk to Le Club 55 – a very busy, people watching place to be seen at! LOL!No one minded I was off the leash – and I was very good I waited to be shown to our table – P.S. note the French flag flying – you must know why …

Marley followed suit – in bagThat’s because Le Club 55 is quite a crowded place with lots of tables.

First up for Mummy was Tarte a l’oignon Maison Verdict: Very good!

Next up – brochette de poisson au safronAnd then came the specialty tart – the Tropezienne Both Marley and I have been so quiet that no one knew we were there. But when I popped up to have a look at the dessert, I drew a lot of attention.Oui, Madame, c’set moi!Off to some shopping on the beach …We went looking for baskets and beach bags … we found something for Marley 🙂Quelque chose pour moi, Maman?As you can see, Yaena really likes baskets – thankfully we have enough space to load them! LOL! Back home for a little respite from the beach!And a run in the gardenBut we soon headed out to Gassin for dinner – a little town perched up on a rock in the hills close to St. Tropez.
A lovely little townWe walked up the hill to Bello Visto – a hotel and a lovely restaurant I believe the hoomans ate really well … we sat under the table the whole time, not even a peek from me – I am learning to be even better these days. Mummy was very proud of me.

It was dark by the time we left to go home –Just magicalMoon in the sky as the sun was setting in the far distance.May’s comment: Bonne nuit!  A lovely day was had by all …


  1. Frank Gee

    Simply Divine ❤️

  2. Cheryl

    Beautiful setting!

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