My Happy Place

I am a city girl but boy! when there’s a beach, I am in a happy place.

Today is another beach day!  We arrived at Shellona on Pampelonne beach,
and the hoomans said we could have play on the beach before lunch.

I hesitated not, and ran straight into the sea … and then I rolled and rolled and rolled.

We did several takes on me trying to do a Ursula Address emerging from the water but I always looked bedraggled! As mucky as I was, we wandered into the restaurant …

Look how pretty the place looks – the shade sail casting shadows on the floor.

With a  view of the seaMarley sat as always in her basketWhile I sat on the banquetteYes, I know I am a little wet and sandy – but so are a lot of hoomans who come and go from the beach.

After lunch, a bit of shopping – and while Mummy shopped, I found some sand outside to roll on.

Just loving all this freedom! This is my happy place.

The most amazing thing about this holiday is that Mummy is chilled. She actually loves watching me go into the water and I know she gasps a little and then tell herself not to stress when I am rolling in the sand. I think a lot has to do with how accepting Yaena is about dogs – she’s not fussed about sandy, wet dogs in her home – therefore, neither is Mummy! This is truly a holiday!

May’s comment: Lunch at Shellona – excellent food!It’s been lovely watching Darcy play in the sand and water. I’ve been very chilled about her getting wet and sandy – we are after all at the beach and why we came down in the first place. Also greatly helped by friend who is relaxed about sand and wet paws in her expensive car. Having an amazing time and I am most happy about Darcy having the ability to run and play. She has been really excellent. We walk into most places off leash and she just stayed close by and not bothered by crowds or the many children who stopped to pet her.

And of course just about everywhere we could go with our dogs. Very, very few places did not let them in – maybe a souvenir shop on the main street!!!


  1. Sam and Lola x

    Looks and sounds like you are both having a wonderful time and that is fantastic xxxx

  2. Cheryl

    Wow, what an amazing holiday in an amazing place! I very impressed with Darcy, she is such a good girl! Our Cody would be off and running!

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