Rude dog goes to the country

Mum and I we’re having extra cuddles yesterday morning. I sensed that something was going to happen …

because Mum cuddled me extra longer and the hugs were suffocatingly long!!!!

We did the usual morning walk and then Mum disappeared all morning. When she finally came home to us, she seemed very annoyed but she busied herself around the house. She took out that familiar bag – packing it with tubes of Honey’s Real Dog Food. Hmmmm. And then the doorbell rang.

When Mum opened the door, there was Andrew. I know him from the House of Mutt. Woohoo! I guess I’m off to the House of Mutt! What a lovely surprise!

Mum I really don’t think you should come with me.

I’m going! See ya later!!!!


Off to be “DAWG” for a week while Mum sorts out our living arrangement – with George.

We’ve arrived safely and taking a snooze with my new friends for the week.

At the House of Mutt.

May’s comment: Such a rude dog!!! Badly brought up! Who’s her mother?

Darcy always knows when the House of Mutt driver comes to pick her up. She is beside herself with excitement – and can’t wait to get going. She runs down the stairs with the driver. And every time I’ve followed them out to say goodbye – this is how she reacted. She’s saying, “This is my holiday! You don’t have to come!” Rascal!

But I know she will have the best of times. Have a crazy week ahead and I won’t be giving her much time with the both of them as the move to our new home begins …

This is not a picture of my dogs in the countryside. This is a photograph that I had taken of some sheep in Lincolnshire that hangs in our bedroom as in “counting sheep” – but is now sitting on the floor – as things gets moved around. Thought it made a pretty realistic photo.

Also one-on-one time with George. He’s now back on the bed for cuddles, no more crate and he knows not to jump off.

As for moving – I might never move in. I might be in jail for killing the builder.

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  1. Sara Cormack

    Don’t kill the builder…….I haven’t got a prison visiting outfit!

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