Drowned Rat!

Absolutely soaking wet!  So Mummy, that windbreaker – not good for heavy downpours!  OK for our short walks around the block but for serious stuff, I need a sturdier raincoat.

And when all my poof is gone – the windbreaker looks really large on me! So uncool – me, the wimp with a drenched coat and all the others are without.

Here’s me looking like a  drowned rat!IMG_6987And yes, I know – it’s straight to the bathtub!IMG_7001

May’s comment: Darcy has many talents but by far – one of her most applaudable tricks is jump into the bathtub on command!
IMG_6847 IMG_6848


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  1. Judith Vogel

    Dear Darcy,
    You are adorable even when soaking wet!
    What a great trick May relayed to me, you can jump into the tub on command!
    Aren’t you smart!
    Bennie and I are impressed and applaud your prowess.
    Pictures of you are very special, we love getting them.
    Lots of licks to you from Bennie and pats from me.

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