Driving Miss Darcy

The weather wasn’t fabulous today so instead of walking in the park, we went for a playdate at Rusty’s.

And Rusty has a new car – a red Mercedes and he was keen to let us have a go.Rusty, do you think its a good idea to ride top down – it looks like it’s about to rain.Mummy insisted that I should have a go at driving it.It’s a bit noisy and jerky – because the hoomans have not mastered the remote control very well.

And off we go – Lewis Hamilton, you might have a new team mate!

I got told off for driving with one paw! LOL!

Even scaredy George tried it – he managed to sit in it but wouldn’t stay in when it moved.As Martine chipped in, “And who says girls aren’t good drivers?

May’s comment: What do crazy Cockapoo owners do when we get together? Teach them to ride in toy cars! LOL! Brilliant Martine and Rusty!


  1. Rusty


  2. Karen

    Good job this wasn’t on your TV show for indulged pets ??

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    What a shame the Monaco Grand Prix is over for this year!!??

  4. Alison Mullett

    Love it! ??

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