The Good Life

After my driving lessonWe went to The Good Life Eatery in St. John’s Woods.We went to meet Lucca and Jocelyn for lunch.Four doggies in a health food cafeWhoever said red velvet cake isn’t healthy?!?!?As we had lunch, the rain started to come down and what could be better than to go back to Rusty’s home for some chilling.

George got the idea and went to Martine for a cuddleRusty says, “Whatcha doin’ with my mummy?Martine says, “Be a good boy, Rusty! I love you the best.And for the rest of the rainy afternoon, hoomans and doggies just hanging out … Sitting and chattingSnoozingBlending inEven managed some decorating!And Rusty, tired after a day of play …That’s the good life!

And me – always keeping a watchful eye in case I get “attacked” again!

May’s comment: Despite the rain, a lovely afternoon spent with girl friends and doggies.

Just found out that there are quite a few of  The Good Life Eatery in London – we were in St. John’s Woods and definitely dog friendly. They brought the doggies water and so many people came by to say hello and asked about the dogs. They were quite amused that we had four dogs under the table!

Will check out the ones closer to us but in the meantime have aded it to our Wine and Dine page.

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  1. Nancy Koon

    What fun! I wish it was raining here (Los Angeles). It’s 100 and muggy. Hugs to Darcy and George and all their dog buddies!

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