Two balls of fluff

Hey it’s George! I’m back while Darcy is off like the Mad Hatter in the spans of Sussex.  I’ve brought Jaffa with me to see Mummy.

IMG_4750And Jaffa did her usual poses …IMG_4778Upside IMG_4774SidewaysIMG_4776Upside down! LOL!

Actually it sort of worked out well as Jaffa’s family was off to a matinee and Mummy’s home – so we thought we would go to keep her company.IMG_4795May’s comment:  Yay!!! More visitors!

Interestingly, George was not his usual self either – very quiet and subdued. IMG_4741When he’s with Jaffa, the two of them are playing incessantly but today when he came through the door, he did not run past me to find food like he usually does. Instead he put his paws on my knees and stood there waiting for me to pick him up. As I couldn’t, I sat on a chair and we sat like that for a few minutes – his paw on my knees.

Oh, Georgie, you can stay forever and ever!IMG_4745I think, in my usual conjecture, that George is more straightforward and direct. He says it like it is. Something’s wrong, Mummy? What is it?  Maybe it’s a boy thing.

Darcy is a more complicated character. She’s sensitive, she hides her feelings and maybe even denies it.  She felt something was wrong but I didn’t hug her like I usually do. She maybe felt a little rejected and stayed her distance. And she happily left with Mairi where she  currently is defiitely getting more attention.  Hmmm. This sounds rather familiar. LOL!!! Darcy is my girl.


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