Which of these is real?

Oops! I moved. IMG_2670And besides I don’t have a price tag on me! And if there’s one, it would be a very pricey one!

That was Mummy putting me next to dog statues! The things she makes us do – really!

Anyway, we went to The Chelsea Gardener to look for plants – and guess who was there?IMG_2653It’s Pikachu!!!  And we started playing –
IMG_2654We ran around and checked out things. IMG_2665They loved us there – we’re ok to run around.
IMG_2649We stopped everyone in their tracks.IMG_2660When we went insideIMG_2661Pikachu was being cheeky and started to tease me – and we started to play.

P.S. We were only allowed to do this as Pikachu is a regular customer and because we’re both small. Can you imagine if two labradoodles started to have a roll around? It was also a quiet weekday.

They do like dogs at The Chelsea Gardener.

May’s comment: I’ve never seen Pikachu so lively ever! They have playdates every now and then and they’re a perfect size for each other.

The Chelsea Gardener is a high-end shop for outdoor furniture, garden equipment, gifts, decorations, plants and pots.
Address: 125 Sydney St, London SW3 6NR


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