Miss D at DCS

I went to a meeting with Mummy to a place that not only looks nice but also smells really nice …IMG_9928 What I liked about this meeting were the biscuits on the table – IMG_9929How amazing – they knew I was coming!

I couldn’t get to the biscuits from one side so I went to the other.IMG_9932 But really not much luck unless I jumped onto the tableIMG_9933 One warning look from Mummy and I knew that was not an option.IMG_9935 So I disappeared under the tableIMG_9936 These are the lovely people who brought out the biscuits!IMG_9938David and Ian!

May’s comment:  A meeting with old friends at David Collins Studios.  Glad to see all’s well there after the passing of David more than two years ago.  A truly talented person – and always been a great fan.IMG_9925

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  1. Cecilia

    Darcy’s a well behaved pup!

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