Rounding up the year in Dorset

We’re all packed and ready for our trip tomorrow – we’re heading off to the coast. Come wind, rain or hopefully sun, we will do what we’ve done almost every year – walk on the beach on New Year’s Day.

Maybe we will run into one of you?

May’s comment: I don’t know Dorset but have chosen the Jurassic Coast as this New Year’s day walk on the beach. It is something that Darcy and I have set about as our tradition. For me, the walk on the beach and to look out at the vastness of the body of water that symbolises new horizons for the new year and water for cleansing the soul and whatever we want to leave behind. For the doggies, the freedom to run almost endlessly. And also no squirrel distraction!

We didn’t do it for New Year’s 2015 because we were just settling down into our threesome routine with the arrival of George. But this year, we wanted to resume our “tradition” as a threesome.

Also thought it would be a good idea to go a day earlier to check out Thomas Hardy’s stomping ground. We’ll whizz about Dorchester on the 30th and on the 31st and the 1st, we’ll go for beach walks – to contemplate matters about life, the new year.

We were too late to make a reservation at Red Carnation’s Summer Lodge in Evershot, but it seems like their sister hotel, Acorn Inn looks reasonably charming.3107193_f52642dd (1) It is of course dog-friendly. They have been ever so helpful in getting us info about things to do in the region with dogs. They sent us a list – including museums! Yay!IMG_9250Weather is not promising, but we’re still looking forward to exploring and if anyone is interested in a walk on the beach, we’ll be there.


  1. Neyra

    Happy New Year! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Mandy

    We have a cockapoo community beach walk in Bournemouth on the 2nd – if you are still around. Which beach were you planning on visiting on the 1st

    • Miss Darcy

      We’re back in London on the 1st! 🙁 Such a shame! We’re going to go to West Bay and Burton Bradstock – where there’s the Hive Beach Cafe.

  3. margaret danks

    Oh MissD and George, Maggie and I will do our utmost to be there to see you. X

  4. Sandra

    Have a wonderful time. I know how you all enjoy the beach and am sure Dorset won’t disappoint. We love Swanage. Happy New Year May. Darcy and George. We hope to see you again soon. Love Sandra. Ed and Bow xx

  5. Jocelyn

    Happy new year intrepid thresome sending love from the comfort of our sofa
    Not as spiritual as a walk on the beach but a lot drier X

  6. Janet Smedley

    May I ask, when you go away with Darcy and George how do you manage with their food? Know you feed them raw food and I’m thinking about feeding my Cockapoo puppy raw.
    Have a fun safe trip and best wishes for 2015.

    • Miss Darcy

      I bring enough of raw for two days in a container and leave the food with the hotel in their fridge or if there’s a mini bar. Or I go to the local butcher to buy minced meat and get some peas or carrots from the hotel room service. Or order raw minced from room service. It’s really manageable.

  7. Janet Smedley

    Thank you, think I’m convinced raw is best.

  8. So when will you be at the Hive or west Bay. We live near Weymouth and often walk on Weymouth beach which is great for dogs! Our cockapoo Pablo loves it

  9. Jill Keiser

    Hello Miss Darcy and Happy New Year coming up! I’m from North Carolina and have been to Dorset many years ago. I know you are enjoying your stay! I found you strangely by looking to see if Lord Grantham would be getting a new pup in the new season! The new season starts for the USA on Jan. 3rd. Your site came up and what a great find! I have three dogs, a Dalmation-X, a Flat-Coated Retriever-X, and a Doxador! I will keep up with your site. Jill

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Jill, welcome to our world! 😀 we’re in Dorset now and it’s been raining but we still managed to see some interesting places. May, Darcy and George

  10. Jill Keiser

    Hey May,
    It is raining here, too. We have a flash flood warning in effect. However we are not one of the states that is in great trouble with flooding right now. My dogs, names are Caprice (Dalmatian), Nikki (flat-coated retriever), and Gina (doxador). Jill

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