Wearing our Polos

The weather is so mild in London but there’s often a threat of rain. So Mummy didn’t want to put us in any woolly things but instead we put on our Polo t-shirts.

IMG_9266It’s Monday after the Christmas weekend, and we were then off to catch some sales on Westbourne Grove – before the crowds come back after the holidays.

We started off at Heal’s which is at one end of that long streetIMG_9270Georgie matched the rug there!IMG_9264 Then to the other end at James Perse IMG_9321Where George posed with a black guitar – which is not for sale.

As we went a little further down the road to Weekend by Max Mara, we found a Vespa made of wicker! IMG_9303Of course I had to sit on it for a photo opp.

While we were there, we ran into some friends – who couldn’t believe their luck running into George.IMG_9298He had all the attention from Matthew and Kai. They couldn’t get enough of him.

May’s comment: It’s the Monday after the Christmas weekend and everything’s not back to normal. The Post Office was closed and so were some shops. But took the opportunity to check out the sales while most people are still away and the streets are quieter.

It’s a strange time between Christmas and New Year’s.  When I was watching a Michael McIntyre Christmas special on telly he managed to capture the very sense of how I always feel at this week of the year.  He suggested that we lose the sense of which day of the week it is because we have given names to days – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and then five days later, it’s New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  So in between those named days, where are we?!?!?!   No wonder, I was confused!!! LOL!  And today definitely did not feel like a Monday. It felt like a half-baked holiday.

So we hover around the five days between Christmas and New Year’s.  The Christmas magic and buzz have now gone and the Twelve Days of Christmas make the remaining decorations feel like they have overstayed their welcome. Yet we don’t want to completely clear the home of everything and be so “bah humbug” about it. As for New Year’s Eve – well, it is overrated.  Do we really have to have another special meal?  Do we really have to stay up late watching the clock tick past midnight?

The only thing I feel like doing this New Year is to – start again.

It’s been a difficult year – but also thankful for how everything turned out.

And yes, their Polo shirts came from Ralph Lauren for dogs

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