First Doodle Meet of 2019

Now that the 12 days of Christmas is over and done with – we had our first Doodle Meet of 2019!

At 11am this morning, slowly we converged on the greens behind the Serpentine Gallery …
So much love for Bella!
Mac and Maisie sharing a stick!
Happy 1st birthday, Ted!
Ted was particularly interested in me – or parts of me!
Winnie the cavapoo was really excited to meet so many poos!
No matter how young or old, when there are treats, we all have the same look.
Bella, Mac, George, me, Maisie and Snoopy
George, me and Bella
Bella (cavapoo), Snoopy (labradoodle) and Ted (maltipoo) – three different sizes pf poos!
Beautiful Dudley!

Coco looking handsome – such unique colouring!
Bellissima Bella!
A lot of little ones today Oscar, Poppi, Ivy, George, Teddy
It’s me again with little Poppi! Have you noticed how I am always in almost every photo when there are treats? LOL!
Little Poppi at 20 weeks!!!
Fyfy (toy poodle) and Ted (maltipoo) getting familiar
Eppie and Peppa – both cavapoo puppies!
Little Pepa!
I think we had fun today! Ivy loved playing with Poppi and Oscar!
And then there was George
He was not overlooked.
Toffy (toy poodle), Fenway (Havanese) and me – checking out the treats!
And that’s me – probably the oldest in the group today with the young ones – Ted just one with Oscar and Poppi who are little pups and growing fast.

We had a lot of different doodles today – we were almost overrun by cavapoos! In the end there were 10 cockapoos, 5 cavapoos, 2 poodles, 1 labradoodle, 1 maltipoo, 1 Havanese and 1 mutt aka George! We were 21 today!

May’s comment: I didn’t think I have a New Year’s resolution – but I decided I have one as of today. I shall learn the human names of all our doggy friends!!!

So here we go …

Jeannie with Snoopy (labradoodle), Lisa with Mac and Maisie, Noura with Teddy (cavapoo), Darcy, Rubyni with Bella (cavapoo), Claire with Dudley, Hannah with Oscar, Angela with Poppi, Fyfy and Toffy (toy poodles), Rafael & Anna with Ted (maltipoo), Ruth & Lawrence with Ted, Chloe with Pepa (cavapoo), Posey with Eppie (cavapoo), George (aka Le Mutt), Liz & Family with Coco, Carmen with Winnie (cavapoo), Alison with Ivy (cockapoo)

Please pardon me if I got the names wrong and missing a few – please send me a message if I have! Because taking notes is one thing – remembering faces is another! Sorry in advance!

Plus a few late comers!

Clementine came with Filippo and Katherine
And Elisabet came with Fenway – a Havanese!

Back in early January 2013, I met Stacy during a walk in Hyde Park – Darcy had was not yet two. I so desperately wanted her to meet some cockapoos because every time she did, they go doodle-dashing and they ran and ran lie lunatics. They would then come home exhausted. Stacy with Zavia had the same idea – and so we decided to form a group meet. Dear ol’ Stacy wasted no time and we immediately started asking every cockapoo owner we met if they would come and join us on the last Sunday of January 2013. And that was how we began our Hyde Park Cockapoo Friends Club.

Today we are a Doodle Club because so many poodle crossbreeds have approached us and asked if they could join. How can we say no? Soon, we will be the Fluffy Dog Meet! LOL!


  1. Jessica CArlton

    Hi, we’d love to come to the next one – when is it and where in Hyde Park do you meet? We have 6 month old Bella, an darling little apricot Cockapoo!

  2. Anuradha Biswas

    We would love to come and meet you all ! When is your next meet ? Let us know !
    I have a Maltipoo called Luchi .

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi! We’d love for you to join us. Send me your email and I will add you to our emailing list. Next one is 27 Jan at 11am.

  3. Ratna Singh

    Hi how can we join please?

  4. Ratna Singh

    Hi we would like to join. We have a Cavapoo.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi! Just come along to our next meet. I will add your email to our email list. We meet the last Sunday of every month behind the Serpentine Gallery at 11am.

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