No New Year’s Resolutions

Me and my Bunny – together we’re ready for whatever the new year brings!

Last year was a little troublesome for me – and Mum, I suppose. I had quite a few physical ailments, not to mention some psychological ones. We’re still deciding what to do about my leg. I am so much better now so maybe there’s no need for an operation. We will find out next week.

I hope this year will be easier for all of us. Someone asked me if I have any New Year’s resolution …

And I couldn’t think of any thing new that I would do that I haven’t already.
I always live in the moment. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is an unknown. Today is where I am at. Things haven’t changed since the days when I lived on the streets. Back then I really didn’t know what would happen from one day to the next, or one moment to the next. Today I know where I live and I know who I belong to – and that makes it even easier to live in the moment.
I always look at a glass half full.
I am just thankful for all that I have because I don’t know what I do not have.
I love big. I never hold grudges. I love even when everyone finds me pesky.
I am always me because I don’t know how to be someone else.

May’s comment: 2018 had been quite a year for us – he had lots of ailments. What does 2019 have in store for George?

We have a referral appointment next Tuesday at the Queen Mother Hospital for a MRI – to see what needs to be done for his “torn CCL.”

Despite everything that he had been through – including several near misses because of his anger management issues (he hates trucks and bikes and big dogs) – he’s just George.

Happy go-lucky, engaging, loving, curious, eager – and also very opinionated.

Why am I writing this blog post at this time, you ask. Well, there was a moment during the Christmas holidays that I wanted to share.

There we were just the three of us in a log cabin on a farm for four days.

It was tight quarters where we stayed. As it was Christmas, there weren’t much going on. Whenever we heard a sound, we would look out the window – curious to see who might have invaded our territory. Otherwise, they both sat at my feet under the table when I was, of course, at the computer. Of course they shared my bed.

We did everything together.

Darcy was as usual, reliable and when we walked the farm, she was off lead and I never once had to worry about her running off or doing something naughty. Of course she wanted to but she knew I would not be happy.

George on the other hand was hardly off lead. Well, we did let him off on arrival thinking he wouldn’t be able to run past the fenced-in field. Who knew he would find the only badger hole in the fence?!?!?! He could not be trusted, I had decided.

He is a curious little guy. He gets excited about everything. He cannot help himself. He does not know danger. He loves BIG, he engages with everyone. For all those reasons, I have to protect him. Small as he is, he isn’t so easy to handle. When he gets angry, one really has to struggle to contain him.

Recently I’ve had several conversations with friends about having two dogs. Some of them have one and contemplating another, while others have two. We agreed it’s definitely harder having two to handle, especially when you are only one person. There have been times when I wonder if I had taken on too much, but what is too much? Extra insurance? Two leads, two hands? Him being sick in the middle of the night – every night for two months? Are they just inconveniences? Because now I cannot imagine life without George. As annoying as he can be at times and though he can easily be handed over to so many who would take him (temporarily) – every time I do, I feel like I have left a part of me behind. He has a piece of my heart. He is my responsibility.

But it was a moment during those quiet evenings when all the Christmassing was over. There was no need to pawn him off to someone else because I couldn’t manage two dogs during the Christmas rush. I looked up from the book I was reading and saw at the end of the bed, curled up in a tight ball, almost like a cat is that embodiment of a love that I have not yet come to terms with.

My heart erupted then – you know that funny feeling that seems to put butterflies in your stomach and the heart goes fluttering – like I used to feel when I was in love with some moron? I reached out and picked up that black bundle. He unravelled into this long body with four limbs.

I cradled him in my arms as he grunted and sighed. He laid in my arms, his eyes closed while I rubbed his hairy chest. When I stopped, his two front paws pawed the air, begging for more. And there we sat for awhile.

My head then knew what my heart already know that George is forever mine. He always had been from the moment we set eyes on each other that September four years ago.

He had me at “hello.”

Sometimes we love without realising we do. Because sometimes we love when it is convenient.

Grateful for the quiet moment when everything around us didn’t matter and it was just us three. I then owned that love that was always there.


  1. Maureen Dell

    So beautifully written, happy tears. I love George, he is so gorgeous ♥️

  2. Sarah Johnson

    Oh May! What a time you’ve had with George. It must have been such hard work. Many dog owners would have said “enough” and few would have criticised them.
    Many dog owners say “enough” when a dog is perfectly healthy, but “boisterous”.
    Instead you’ve stuck with him, and you’ve become a parent, no longer an “owner”.
    It’s a huge difference.
    Be proud!

  3. Lisa King

    We all love him too! I always read your George stories to my husband. They make me smile. He is so special.

    P.S. try having three “normal” dogs plus a George (Buddy, George’s American doppelgänger).

  4. Laura Cordovano

    You touched my heart once again. That is precisely what I went through with my Gus. He was a fierce little guy like George and always a handful. It’s been almost a year since he died of cancer and I still cry and miss him dreadfully. Is the house more quiet now? Yes. Do I have to worry about sneak pees on anything new I put on the floor? No. Are Emma and Jasper more relaxed now? Yes. Is it much easier to handle 2 dogs rather than 3? Yes. Do I miss him ferociously every day? Yes!!!! Life is not the same without him. I miss him beyond my capacity to express it.

    • Miss Darcy

      Laura, I can only imagine the pain. I know that one day it will be my turn. Until then I can only love as much as I possibly can and treasure every moment of it. Someone said and it resonated well – that I am not an owner but a parent. 😘

  5. Ian Harrison

    Love George (and Darcy of course) but he’s a one-off, a very special little dog!!

    • Miss Darcy

      He is and I feel ever so lucky to have been selected for him. If he was all good the challenges are less. I know that because I was a more difficult child than my sisters that while I didn’t think my parents live me as much – I. Face just like George they loves me more deeply not more than my siblings just in a different way.

  6. Margaret Danks

    Oh my days, that one brought me to tears! He is a special little guy, as is Miss D. 🐾❤️🐾❤️

  7. Gill

    That brought me to tears too , I love Darcy and George and think your writing is so clever and always comes from the heart .lovely May XX💕

  8. Alison

    What a heart rendering, yet uplifting blog. George is such a character and at times he’s been a challenge but your bloggers love him. Here’s to your new adventures- the three musketeers!

  9. Pauline

    Wow May such a beautiful expression of joy and love. As I read your words my mind filled up with those practical pro s and cons lists, you know you have unconditional love that goes both ways when the list is nothing just a list it’s the love and eyeball to eyeball looks that clinch the outcome. Xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Pauline, so true! Sometimes words just don’t do it justice. The eye connection says it all.

  10. AA

    Hi May!

    I love the way you said it “Sometimes we love without realizing it and sometimes we love because it is convenient.” I just thought I shared that feeling with a moron too and he truly is a moron (he only wants to sleep with me). I’m glad to have my cockapoo Boogie who loves me with his whole heart! You can never question the love your dog(s) has for you! Hope George’s check-up will be well!!

    • Miss Darcy

      I think we dog owners realise a lot of things wrong with human relationships when we have connected with our poos! 🙂

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