• IMG_1617
  • IMG_1594
  • IMG_1583We're here!
  • IMG_1586And away we go!
  • IMG_1587Darcy, Jaffa and George
  • IMG_1591George warding off other dogs!
  • IMG_1592
  • IMG_1598
  • IMG_1600
  • IMG_1603
  • IMG_1606
  • IMG_1616
  • IMG_1618
  • IMG_1619
  • IMG_1623
  • IMG_1626
  • IMG_1628George and Darcy - a bit wet and cold form the rain
  • IMG_1629Ritzy and Olive's first meet
  • IMG_1630Ritzy, the schnoodle!
  • IMG_1635Enzo and Jensen
  • IMG_1646Luca finally arrived!
  • IMG_1648Clementine was the last to arrive
  • IMG_1649
  • IMG_1656
  • IMG_1657
  • IMG_1659
  • IMG_1660
  • IMG_1661
  • IMG_1662
  • IMG_1664
  • IMG_1665
  • IMG_1667
  • IMG_1668
  • IMG_1670
  • IMG_1671
  • IMG_1673
  • IMG_1669Not one os us, but the humans had a good laugh!

First (wet) Hyde Park Doodle Meet of the year!

We have arrived at our first Hyde Park Doodle Meet of 2016!IMG_1583 It was a bit wet – but despite the weather, sixteen doodles and their dedicated hoomans came out to play.IMG_1644From L – R: Stanley, Ted, Dante, Enzo, Jensen, Miuccia, Rusty, George, Jaffa, Darcy, Teddy, Olive, Stanley, Ritzy.

Missing from the photo: LuccaIMG_1646And ClementineIMG_1648We have two new faces – 4 1/2 month old Ritzy, our first schnoodle and Olive, a 4-month old cockapoo.

IMG_1629George still thinks he has to protect the group from other dogs!IMG_1590 It was a bit wet and made us feel cold. IMG_1627We don’t mind going home soon, Mummy.

While my Equafleece kept my body dry, this is my wet head and paws needed rinsing.IMG_1650 Time for a snoozeIMG_1655 For the both of us.IMG_1654We had a lovely time. Thank you everyone for coming!

May’s comment:  This is the beginning of our fourth year of meets. And we look forward to our group growing in size as well as variety! 🙂 We had our first schnoodle today!

The next get together will be the 28th February – just missed Leap Year’s day. Same time (10.30am), same place (Serpentine Gallery) – just as many doodles as ever!

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  1. Nancy Koon

    Maybe Darcy and George need doggie booties. I had some for my little girl
    and they worked pretty good. She got used to them quickly.

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